2 arrested in Surat in Rs 8 lakh robbery case – FH

Ahmedabad, Sep 16 (Fresh Headline) The police in Gujarat’s Surat city have arrested two individuals suspected to be involved in the robbing Rs 8 lakh from a tobacco trader in the Adajan area of city. 

The case took a significant turn as the police detained Rinku Verma, a former employee of trader Ravi Amranani, on suspicion of having provided critical information about the substantial cash holdings.

Verma’s tip-off played a pivotal role in the investigation, although the primary culprits behind the heist remain at large.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Amul Mohite and Sachin Telugu.

The arrest took place on September 15, according to the officials. Authorities have seized sharp-edged weapons believed to have been employed during the robbery and have successfully recovered Rs 2.75 lakh in cash.

The incident unfolded during the late hours of September 12 when Ravi Amranani was en route to his residence, carrying a substantial sum of cash.

Three assailants on a two-wheeler brazenly attacked Amranani near Nandanvan society in Adajan.

In the violent confrontation, the victim, Ravi Amranani, resisted the robbers’ attempts. However, Mohite and two other accomplices launched a vicious attack from behind, utilizing the distinctive rainbow knife.

Amranani sustained grievous injuries, and the trio swiftly fled the scene, making off with the ill-gotten Rs 8 lakh. Subsequently, they proceeded to utilise the stolen funds for recreation at various locations.

Rinku Verma had shared information with Sachin Telugu approximately three months ago, revealing that his employer routinely carried substantial amounts of cash home at night.

Capitalising on this tip, Telugu engaged his associate, Amul Mohite, to conduct an “examination” of Amranani’s shop on Rander road.

However, the plan was postponed as Mohite was unable to assemble a team of accomplices.

It was only when Mohite recruited additional associates that they executed the heist on the night of September 12; shared the official.

Law enforcement agencies have been pursuing leads to locate the two additional suspects — identified as Sonu and Monu, who played a role in the assault and subsequent robbery.

–Fresh Headline