A study confirms it: sleeping “5 more minutes” can be good for your health

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There are conflicting opinions for all tastes. Is it good to sleep “5 more minutes” before getting up?

Depending on who you ask, you may receive different answers. From those who claim that getting out of bed the first time is the most recommended option, to those who advocate a more progressive awakening. Who is really right? A new study does its bit to clear up doubts.

Is it beneficial to wait “5 more minutes” before getting up?

Face the alarm clock and get out of bed It is a considerable effort for ordinary mortals. Even without being too much of a night owl, you’ve probably succumbed to the temptation of staying in bed for 5 more minutes. In fact, most devices such as mobile phones, which act as an alarm clock, usually already have this possibility as standard.

The big question that is usually asked in these cases is the following:Are you doing really good when you postpone getting out of bed? Logic seems to say that you will have the same laziness, so to speak, that you have now to stand up later, so it doesn’t make much sense to do so. But logic is sometimes confused too.

This is at least what a new study carried out by the Stockholm University and published in the Journal of Sleep Research and reflected by National Geographic. During it, a series of tests were carried out on people who habitually use the function of postponing getting up and who, on the contrary, do it without palliatives.

To the surprise even of the researchers themselves, the results demonstrated two things. The first, that there are no significant differences in terms of the quality of sleep between them. The second, thatThose who slept 5 minutes longer showed better cognitive functions afterwards.

Tips for a good wake-up

Whether one way or another, what is clear is that rude awakenings benefit no one. Unfortunately, there are few other ways to do this. Opening your eyes after sleeping on your own is ideal (and in fact shows that you are well rested), but, unfortunately, it is not the most common.

That’s when alarms come into play: Using a friendly and melodious sound helps you feel in better spirits and more rested If, on the other hand, you opt for more strident or aggressive tones.

In the same way, and regardless of the way you choose to get up, it has also been proven that Getting out of bed early helps you maintain a better daily routine What if, on the contrary, everything is done in a hurry: have breakfast, take a shower, get on the way to work, etc.

Once you stand up, good hydration is equally advisable. During the night, the body tends to lose fluids due to the functions it performs, so yes, breakfast can always be important.

In any case, it should not be forgotten that, deep down, each person is different, and there are many other elements, such as your own chronotype, that can determine whether you have a better or worse awakening.