Aadhaar, PAN, Passport and More: Here’s How To Deal With Different Government Official Documents After The Death Of The Holder

New Delhi, June 13: People often don’t know what to do with the various legal official documents of their deceased ones, such Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, passport, etc. Should they surrender these documents to the issuing body or leave them. Here is a quick guide on how to manage documents of your family members who are no more.


An Aadhaar card has multiple uses and serves as an all-in-one document, thus can be misused by anyone. It can be used for multiple purposes like LPG subsidy, EPF accounts, scholarships, etc. It has your personal details like date of birth, address, etc. By nature, it is your Unique Identification Number and continues to exist even after you are dead. Thus it is important to take care that it is by no means misused by anyone The UIDAI has no process of deactivating the Aadhaar card or cancel it. So as a security measure to avoid misuse legal heirs should get the biometrics blocked of the deceased person. blocking the biometrics can be done on the UIDAI website. Aadhaar-UAN Name Mismatch: Here’s How to Correct EPF UAN Name And Match With That on 12-Digit Unique Aadhaar Number.


A PAN card is basically a mandatory document for purposes like banking, filing income tax, Demat accounts, etc. To surrender the PAN card the heirs of the deceased need to write an application to the assessing officer under the jurisdiction where PAN is registered. The letter should include the reason for surrender, name, PAN details, date of birth of the deceased with a copy of the death certificate. Details related to the assessing officer can be found on the e-filing website of the income tax department. Aadhaar-Driving Licence Linking: Here’s How To Link Driving License With Your 12-Digit Unique Number; Check Step-By-Step Guide.

Voter ID card

The Registration of Electors Rules, 1960 has a provision regarding the cancellation of the Voter Id card in case of the death of an individual. the legal heir can visit the local election office and file Form No. 7 under the Electoral rules. it needs to submit a copy of the death certificate to cancel the person’s name from the voter list on the death of the individual. PAN Card Update/Correction: How to Get Your Name, Date of Birth Details Corrected Online.

Driving Licence

Overall there is no fixed provision for the cancellation of a driver;’s licence in case of one’s death. However, every state has its rules regarding the issuing and suspension of a driver’s licence. So one should confirm the state-specific provisions accordingly. One can visit the concerned RTO to cancel the drives licence. Also, legal heirs should also inquire about the process of transferring the vehicle registered under the deceased name. e-EPIC Initiative to Be Launched on National Voters Day 2021 Tomorrow; Here’s How to Download the Voter ID Card Online.


Just like a Driver’s licence, a passport also has no specific rules or provision for surrendering the documents on the death of a person. Neither there is any process for informing authorities. But passport ceases o exist once it has expired and thus becomes invalid. Thus one should retain the passport to use it as proof in any unforeseen situations later.

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