Adobe launches its own artificial intelligence while Apple continues without releasing anything

Adobe launches its own artificial intelligence while Apple continues without releasing anything

Firely Generative AI, Adobe’s answer to all image generation AI.

Adobe has officially launched Firely for all Creative Cloud subscribers through the following statement: «Today marks a new era of creativity for all for Adobe Creative Cloud members with AI built into the fabric of their workflows, and the promise of new creative magic with the availability of Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express Premium apps. .»

Adobe has promoted, during this beta, more than one billion assets that were created through AI and that, according to the company itself, »It is just the beginning of everything that is to come»

Adobe true to its style of raising everything it can

The negative news about this launch is that Adobe is going to increase the subscription price of each of the available applications. This is actually bad news because Adobe has some of the most expensive subscriptions in the world. We are going to highlight its official statement:

“Starting today, Creative Cloud, Firefly, and Express paid plans now include a monthly allotment of “fast” generative credits, which are like tokens that allow subscribers to convert a text-based message into image and vector content. in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Express and Firefly. After the specific number of “fast” Generating Credits plan is consumed, subscribers can continue generating content at slower speeds, or purchase additional Generating Credits through a paid Firefly subscription plan. Starting in November 2023, Adobe plans to allow users to purchase additional generative credits through a new subscription plan, starting at $4.99/month for 100 credits.

The worst of all is that the price increase will not be in all countries of the worldbut it will be for North America, Central America, South America and Europe starting November 1, that is, within a month and a half.

Fortunately, Adobe points out that there will be no price change in your mobile plans without for their plans for students, teachers and educational institutions. It makes a lot of sense that Adobe has made this move because one of its bases of success is that teachers and university students have access to Adobe plans at a reduced price, with the aim of that once they start working professionally, they master these softwares and pay for the most advanced subscription. This is one of the big differences between Adobe and Affinity Photo and one of the reasons for the growth of one and the stagnation of the other.