Akshit Dhadwal: Spreading Love, Peace & Harmony Through Music

Akshit Dhadwal: Spreading Love, Peace & Harmony Through Music

No matter where you belong, what you do, music always connects people.

Music has the power to spread love, peace, and harmony, says Akshit Dhadwal

Akshit Dhadwal, who is a brilliant guitarist in the world of music. He has performed at various places in India as well as in the United States. Despite sharing the stage with legends of Indian music like Dr. Palash Sen, Suran Jagan, and meeting A R Rahman, Zakir Hussain Sir, Akshit doesn’t allow his achievements to get in the way of his humanity.

Talking about his academics, he has been amongst the Top 20 students who got selected for KMMC Chennai, an A R Rahman Music conservatory, India. After that, he pursued music professionally from Berklee College of Music where he completed a summer program, and after that a full-time degree from Quincy College of Music.

For him, it was never about the money or fame, but more about the love towards music. He believes with music you can do anything, create a bond that is unbreakable.

Recently he visited the Derby line In Vermont USA, which is the longest undefended border in the world. Akshit said ” We all know how the world behaves when it comes to borders. There is always an unsaid cold war happening with different countries. My heart feels sad because so many lives are lost in protecting borders but my trip to Derby line is a hope for me and the rest of the world that peace can prevail if efforts are made between nations”

In honor of the love, peace, and prosperity, I was fortunate that being an Indian musician I could jam with musicians of the United States and Canada. They all wanted to spread the same message as me.

As you can see there is only one yellow strip that separates the USA and Canada. If we can connect like this, why can’t others do?

We all have seen country borders with fences but this is unique in its own way. We should all learn from this and try to live like this forever where there is only love and smiles on people’s faces.

He continues to spread this message through music in different parts of the world wherever possible. 

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