Amazon does it again: its top-selling smart speaker is the best-seller already for Black Friday


There are certain sales that are always repeated on dates such as Prime Day or Black Friday, and they are the ones that Amazon controls 100%, that is, those that affect its own devices, such as the case of the Kindle, for example. the Fire TV Stick or the speakers with Alexa.

In this last category, the year 2023 leaves us with several great deals, such as the option to buy the Echo Pop with a Philips WiFi bulb. for 25.99 euros, meaning the bulb is practically free. However, the offer that is really sweeping is the same as in previous campaigns: the Echo Dot for 26.99 euros.

It is available in several colors and they all cost the same, and apart from the aesthetic aspect they are identical in everything, both in sound quality and in sizes and functionalities. The reason why it is the top-selling offer is simply because its design is much more functional than that of the Pop, with better sound dispersion.

The new generation of Amazon’s best-selling smart speaker arrives with a renewed spherical-shaped design. This new look has also optimized sound amplification, which is now…

The discount is 58%, so they cost less than half than on any other date, although it is true that when there are sales they are the first devices to see their price plummet.

With them you can interact with Alexa anywhere in your houseand the virtual assistant can do many things, from setting alarms and reminders to contacting other Amazon speakers, as well as controlling virtually any device in your connected home, such as plugs or light bulbs.

Alexa is a virtual assistant that, along with Google Assistant, is compatible with practically all Smart Home accessories, and that is why Echos are one of the best smart speakers you can get.

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The most surprising of all is that looking at the top electronics sales we can find the Echo Pop and Echo Dot in various colors, but not with the packs that include the Philips Hue bulb.

As we have mentioned, for only 5 euros more than the price of the speaker you get the light bulb, which is easily valued at four times that figure, almost a gift. That means you have the option of for only 31.99 euros take this same Echo Dot that we mentioned and also a smart light bulb.

If your order exceeds 35 euros, you will have free shipping even if you do not have a Prime account. If you don’t have it, the best thing you can do is sign up for the free trial month to save you all the expenses.

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