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Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt, The Journey of Them Being Empowered and helping other People Do the same

Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt, The Journey of Them Being Empowered and helping other People Do the same

If you want to take control of your personal, you need an excellent plan, if not you need to leverage those who do, no matter where you are right now. Much like Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt had. These two immigrant youths, 25 and 22, are helping thousands of people find financial freedom!

The aim of personal financial management has is to manage, save, and plan your besides keeping a record of all your spending, earning, and investing. Having made a financial plan, you can then develop a budget that summarizes your financial management. Bahadir Bozkurt and Armin Tabrizi, though only 22 and 25, have already achieved remarkable success, and they have even helped others to do so as well. Through their entrepreneur venture iGenius, they have helped over 1,600 individuals earn income online to unlock their financial freedom.

Their story!

Both coming from the Middle East, Armin at 16 and Bahadir at 20, decided to take full responsibility for their lives and left their families back home in hopes of having a better future and providing for their families. In order to be able to achieve their goals and find something they could be authentic about, they worked up to twelve hours a day seven days a week. These two young men are all about changing the perspective of millennials around when it comes to finance and commerce.

Being financially literate and leveraging those who know is key to understanding your money. Therefore, you can take control of your future. With the personal finance management mentoring by Armin and Bahadir, you’ll be able to use the same tools and leverage the same technology as they did. Additionally, you can determine which are most likely to be profitable.

To all the millennials out there, the advice from Armin and Bahadir is pretty simple; keep it systematic! Know where your cash flow is going and when and where to invest. Young people are advised to determine their priorities first. When you list down everything and analyze what is most important, you can figure out what matters most. Invest more money into paying off your debts instead of investing in luxury items or business to achieve your goal of debt-free status in a year. Also, you might want to focus more on your short-term goals rather than your long-term ones.

Armin and Bahadir are the perfect picturization of finding the path to success by leveraging the power of technology to create an income with no ceiling. Seeing what technology had done for them ignited their passion for showing others how they can use it to create a stable online income stream, just like they did. Their finance and mentoring venture iGenius is the fulfillment of that dream. With iGenius, you can take control of your future, embrace change, live smarter, and see the world differently. Their ambition is to continue spreading their vision and mission around the world, and they hope to reach 1 million people within three years.