‘ARMY Confession Time,’ Trends on Twitter! From Thinking BTS ‘V and Taehyung’ As Different People to ‘Jin and Jimin Are Siblings,’ Stans Reveal Hilarious Things That Every New K-Pop Fan Will Relate To

K-Pop boy band Bangtan Boys, BTS has an enormous fan following, and the number is growing insane each day. Especially during the pandemic, when their fame multiplied with massive hits, creating some impressive records in the recent past. If you are a K-Pop fan or new to BTS, you must be aware of the ARMY, who can go to any length to keep their favourite boys happy, make them feel special and more. Now, these fans had begun confessions for BTS, and their thoughts about the band, when they were a ‘baby,’ ARMY, with the hashtag ‘ARMY Confession Time,’ or #ARMYConfessionTime. The confessions are innocent, but at the same time, so hilarious. Some thought BTS and Taehyung were two different people (LOL), others confused between Jin and Jimin as siblings (well, they do share a great brotherly bond), and more! If you are new to the K-Pop stan or have been long-known followers now but had similar confusions in the past, you are sure to find these revelations by the ARMY relatable!

BTS is one of the most popular K-Pop bands, and their fame is known to people across the world. Their latest hit songs, videos and more are loved by fans. Each of the members has massive fan followers and are known by different names by the ARMY. But when the die-hard fans make their confessions with #ARMYConfessionTime, it prompts major reactions. There are few people who have been talking about how they couldn’t differentiate among the BTS members earlier. Some would jumble their names, others get confused with the faces, while some also noted how their initial reaction towards the K-Pop fandom changed eventually, and they became an ARMY. There are even people who thought VLive belonged to V, aka Taehyung. The confessions are innocent as well as hilarious!

Check Tweets:

When You Were a ‘Baby’ ARMY!

‘Jin and Jimin,’ Siblings?


Oh, No Way!

True That!

LOL, Who Else?

Meanwhile, Be Like!

Can’t Stop LOLing On That!


Did you participate in the #ARMYConfessionTime? Did you have similar confusions too? Besides, those who are still new to the K-Pop world, and trying to understand the many facets of BTS and their fandom ARMY can keep their calm! You are not alone in getting confused!

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