Author Michelle Felix Releases Her Inspiring Memoir ‘Whole Heart’, Which Could Be One of 2021’s Best Female Memoirs

Author Michelle Felix is proud to announce her captivating memoir, Whole Heart: One Woman’s Incredible and Heartbreaking Journey from Africa to America. She was inspired to write by her friends and family, who had long encouraged her to share her story. Felix hopes that her work will serve as a beacon to uplift others in these times of trial.

This is a story that reminds us never to stop believing even the most seemingly impossible dreams. For it is our dreams and aspirations that give us the courage to face the fires of life—an African heart with an American dream.

Whole Heart is the true story of Michelle’s search for emotional healing and purpose as a young girl dreaming of the possibilities that the future might hold. She will never forget the night of July 17, the night that changed her life forever. Michelle opens her whole heart as she traces the steps of a childhood that is almost impossible to fathom and the repeated spreading of her wings in the face of them being continually clipped. Her parents’ tragedy sits heavily on Michelle’s shoulders as she tries to understand both parents in a way no person should ever have to. 

Through it all, hope gave her the courage to believe in dreams, forgiveness gave her the power to heal, and a higher love set her free. Michelle eventually took control of her life and learned to forgive those who had wronged her. During her quest for self-discovery, she found love, restoration, and a higher calling.

Whole heart also includes a glimpse into Michelle’s current circumstances and how she has weathered the pandemic. She addresses the importance of finding joy even in the darkest of days and learning how to ask God the right questions. Michelle’s journey to a Whole Heart is a timely addition that will resonate with many readers, especially those feeling trapped by their trauma or even feeling isolated during these times. Michelle hopes that Whole Heart will help readers commit to living in the present and let go of past uncertainties.

Readers of any background will appreciate Michelle’s compelling life story and vivid descriptions. With beautiful prose and refreshing honesty, Whole Heart delivers an inspiring message of hope and looking forward to a better future. Through her work, Michelle emphasizes that pain can lead to goodness through growth, introspection, and faith in the power of God.

What reviewers have said about the book:

“One of the most remarkable stories of modern time.” – Thembi Tambo, High Commissioner of South Africa

“At once heartbreaking and joyously uplifting, Whole Heart is an unflinching portrait of one woman’s fight for self-discovery, opportunity, and hope. There is grace and possibility in even the bleakest of places, and I found it here, reading Michelle Felix’s triumphant journey toward inner happiness.” (Angela Frazier, multi-published author & editor)

Michelle Felix was born and raised in South Africa. She moved to The United States in search of a better life. She works as a human service professional, life coach, and a mental health advocate. She lives in Hawaii, and “Whole Heart” is her first book. Michelle wants to share this message with her readers: “Remember your resilience in the face of adversity. You are stronger than your greatest fear.”

Interested readers can purchase Whole Heart at any major retailer including Amazon, Google Books, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and BookBaby.

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