Baskal Korkis: How the Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, and Educator Set Himself Up To Be Vertically As Well as Horizontally Integrated in the Industry

Baskal Korkis is the real estate investor who is unlike his peers. Once most investors and entrepreneurs, in real estate as well as other industries, find a lucrative niche, they stick to it. More often than not, these smart business people attempt to double down on their success and capture as much market share as possible. Baskal Korkis is unlike most investors and entrepreneurs because despite finding success early in his career, Korkis has continued to push himself to start new businesses in the real estate industry. Baskal Korkis is the quintessential modern investor and entrepreneur precisely because he has an unparalleled vision of future opportunities and an extremely large appetite for new risks.

Finding his first success at the incredibly young age of 14, Korkis is now fully vertically as well as horizontally integrated in the real estate investment business at the age of 35. Further, emphasizing a new radical sense of business inclusivity, Korkis is overtly committed to educating the masses about his process so that they can find success in a similar manner. Now, with over 16 buildings in and around the Tampa Bay area as well as a strong Instagram and LinkedIn presence, Baskal Korkis has no plans to slow down

When Korkis first found success in the real estate investment business, he could have restricted himself to that vertical and grown a respectable empire. However, Korkis’s vision was greater. Korkis decided it was not good enough to simply be a prominent real estate investor, he wanted to get involved in all of the complementary and adjacent industries to real estate investing.

Korkis quickly became a serial entrepreneur and prominent businessman with a diverse portfolio. Believe it or not, in addition to his flourishing real estate investing business, Korkis is the owner of anaccounting firm, a rental company, a financial services company, an insurance agency that specializes in real estate investments, a mortgage company that is a one stop shop for real estate investors, new and established, to get everything they need to grow their portfolios; Korkis’s success in the real estate investment industry gave him the expertise and tools he needed to continue to branch out and start companies in complementary industries.

Korkis is brilliantly able to save both money and time, from start to finish, by using his companies to streamline and complete all of the business tasks needed to close a deal and make a profit in the real estate investing business.

Beyond his educational Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, Korkis is also a formal online educator selling courses explaining the blueprint for how to follow in his footsteps as well as other necessary business tools that are not typically taught in school. Korkis puts a premium on providing actionable tools for his students as well as providing authentic insight that doesn’t fall into the typical influencer tropes. Of course, Korkis is the perfect person to deliver this message seeing as though he has actually found success in the industry he teaches about; far too often educators do not actually have the experience needed to authentically educate students based on their personal experience. Further, by owning multiple companies in the industry, Korkis is in a position to truly educate as well as help people get their start in real estate investing, at any age.

Expanding on this, Korkis is the certainly the best teacher to learn from precisely because he has all of the necessary tools to help his students actually execute on everything he educates them about. After his students graduate, Korkis is able to provide significant value and support to them at every single step of their real estate investment journey with his accounting firm, rental company, financial services company,insurance agency, and mortgage company. Nobody else is able to offer this completely integrated value-add, but Korkis. His track record speaks for itself as he has helped a multitude of students find financial independence, some even as young as 19.

Clearly, Korkis separates himself from the pack with an unparalleled vision for the way different aspects of the real estate business interact as well as with his large appetite for risk illustrated by his habit of starting new companies despite already finding success. Korkis knows that in order to be as successful as possible, one needs to prioritize the future as well as understand every nuance of their business and industry. We are watching his next move closely

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