Best Songs for Friendship Day 2022: From ‘I’ll Be There for You’ to ‘Stand by Me,’ Celebrate the Day by Sharing These Melodious Musical Tracks! | ?? Fresh Headline

Best Songs for Friendship Day 2022: From 'I'll Be There for You' to 'Stand by Me,' Celebrate the Day by Sharing These Melodious Musical Tracks! | ?? LatestLY

Friendship is what gets humans closer to one another. It is one of the very few relationships where a person can be completely true without the fear of being judged. Friendships day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Though it was a marketing strategy for Hallmarks card in 1930, the idea of celebrating this day was first given out in 1958. Some countries celebrate the day on July 30th whereas there are many countries celebrating this day on the first Sunday of August, which this year would be on August 7. As you celebrate Friendships Day 2022, we at Fresh Headline, have curated a list of songs that you can play and enjoy the day with all your lovely friends.  Easy and Fun Ways to Make Your Friendship Day Memorable While Social Distancing!

1. Stand by Me – Song by Ben E. King

A song with beautiful lyrics and soothing music is perfect if you are out for a long drive with your friends this Friendships Day. It is one of the oldest yet best songs that you can dedicate to your friend as you celebrate the day.

2. Started From the Bottom – Song by Drake

This song is a shout-out for all the friends to all his friends who have been with him from the beginning, encouraging him along the way and standing by him through it all. You can dedicate this one to your childhood friends who have stood by you through all good n bad times.

3. I’ll Be There for You (Theme from Friends)

This song is a must when it’s about dedicating to your friends. Friends are always there for each other and that is what this song is all about. Celebrating Friendships Day 2022, don’t forget to dedicate this beautiful song to all your besties.

4. You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Song by Randy Newman

If there is a friend that is worth dedicating your life to, then this is just the song to play for them. Instead of just dedicating, sing this out to the one who totally describes the word friendship in its truest sense.

5. Count on Me – Song by Bruno Mars

We all have that one friend for who we can do anything. This song is the best one to describe how and what you feel for your friend giving them the assurance that they can totally count on you for anything and everything.

Friendships day is all about letting your friends know that they mean the world to you. Many people celebrate the day with friendship bands, while there are others who spend the day with them enjoying the best music. If you are the one that loves to enjoy music with your friends, then above mentioned songs are going to your playlist on Friendships Day 2022.

Wishing everyone Happy Friendships Day 2022!

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