Bo Ra! Deborah Finale: How To Turn Situationship Into Relationship FT. Yoon In Na and Hyun Min Yoon

Bo Ra! Deborah Finale: How To Turn Situationship Into Relationship FT. Yoon In Na and Hyun Min Yoon

Have you realised Yoon In-Na and Hyun Min Yoon were in a situationship in Bo Ra! Deborah till the finale happened? You didn’t. Let us explain a bit here. Situationship by definition means having romantic equations without any strings attached. While Bo Ra, played by In-Na, and Lee Soo-hyuk played by Min Yoon were not in any relationship for the better part of the series, they did kiss passionately which rocked their equation. That definitely lodges them in the situationship category. Bo-Ra! Deborah: 5 Post-Breakup Scenes From Yoo In Na-Hyun Min Yoon Series We Will Never Get Over!.

But what’s better here is that Bo Ra and Soo-Hyuk turned situationship into relationship which many from the present generation are still struggling with. Let us tell you how they did it.

Being equals

The series started with an enemies to lovers trope but thankfully, abandoned it quickly. That turned the dynamics between the two into an equal. For a relationship, being equal is necessary to reduce complexities. Even when Bo Ra confessed her feelings to him, she wasn’t groveling or crying. She realised her feelings but also what she truly desires in a man.

They talked

Communication is the key. Bo Ra and Soo-Hyuk talked and talked at length. They discussed relationships, exes, breakups, life, likes and dislikes, everything. Being transparent was the biggest clincher here.

Kiss doesn’t mean a relationship

They kissed but they cleared the air around it. We have watched scores of dramas where a kiss immediately led to a love story. In today’s time, a kiss doesn’t automatically qualify anybody as a partner. It may have bared hidden feelings of the two but it didn’t alter their equation. Bo Ra Deborah: Yoo In-Na’s Dialogue on Auschwitz Concentration Camp Receives Major Backlash, Writers Apologise.

Being relatable

Despite the kiss, they were comfortable in each other’s company. Some healthy flirting here and there kept the feelings alive but they never impacted their friendship. It’s like making the other person feel safe with you and that’s a huge green flag!


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