BTS’ RM Birthday Special: Top Solo Songs of the ‘Moonchild’ Singer That Are Inspiring and Impactful

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RM had once mentioned that he knew what he wanted to be from a young age, and although it may have taken him a long time to get to the top with hardships him and the rest of BTS faced, he was finally able to achieve his dream of being a rapper. But not only is he a great rapper, he has the ability to have a poignant effect on people through his songs. Sometimes they tell a story and other times evoke sympathy, anger, sadness, happiness, all kind of emotions in us. BTS’ RM Features as a Tactician in This Trippy Video for ‘Sexy Nukim’ by Balming Tiger.

Many people say you can always tell how good an artist is depending on the effect their songs have on an audience. With over a 100 songs attributed to his name, it’s a no brainer that RM would gain a massive fan following. From BTS songs, to solo songs and solo albums titled RM and Mono, he has proved multiple times that he is a scintillating lyricist. So to appreciate his formidable wit (IQ 148), let’s listen to RM’s top solo songs that make him a revered musical talent.


This song in my opinion is highly underrated. Released in 2017 and featuring Wale, who raps about racism he faced as an African-American and problems in the US. While RM raps about the society he grew up in and criticises its hierarchical nature as well as social media and its toxicity. But as the name suggests, the two still hope that the “world is gonna change”.


A song from his album Mono, “Moonchild” is for the nocturnals who find it hard to sleep at night. He raps and sings about the quiet night that is comforting. And the pain that seems never ending, and freedom that seems so far away for many, yet they carry on even when they want to give up. This song acknowledges those who think they are alone in feeling this way.

Trivia 承 : Love

This song captures RM’s love for wordplay, he ingeniously uses Sarang meaning love and Saram, meaning person in Korean. One lyric being “I live, so I love” RM sings about how being alive is enough reason to love. He also sings about how love dulls his sharp edges (in this case negative feelings or flaws) and makes him want to be a better person. BTS X Vogue X GQ Korea: RM aka Kim Namjoon’s Jaw-Dropping Looks in LV for January 2022 Edition Will Make Your Heart Go Crazy.

Here’s a Little Snippet From a Concert


As the title suggest this song is about RM’s reflection of his own self. He has often said he loves going to the Han River to clear his mind when he feels sad, depressed or self hatred. From being a young boy to becoming a man he accepted his negative feelings along the way as he sings “I wish I could love myself” then changes the lyrics to “Yes I do love myself” during a concert.

RM’s Reflection at a Concert

Do You

“Do You” is a part of RM’s first mixtape titled RM. RM stands for Real Me but back then he went by the stage name Rap Monster. In this song he disses the people who criticised him for making his debut as an idol, as he used to be an underground rapper and was looked down upon when he chose to be a part of BTS. RM raps about finding a balance between idol and artist and tells others to “do you” as in do whatever you want and be who you want to be.

RM has many songs that make you think deeper and is talented in having what he writes resonate with people. If you are a new ARMY or a casual listener I would really recommend digging deep into not just BTS’ but also RM’s past discography where you can find many hidden gems like these. Namjoon also said he would be releasing his mixtape this year! So here’s hoping.

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