Cars on the Road Review: Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen Returns In A Feel-Good, Brief Cross-Country Adventure (LatestLY Exclusive)

Cars on the Road Review: Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen Returns In A Feel-Good, Brief Cross-Country Adventure (LatestLY Exclusive)

Cars on the Road Series Review: Almost five years after premiere of Cars 3, Pixar’s franchise about anthropomorphic vehicles finally returns on the small screen. Cars on the Road follows Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) go on a cross-country trip in order to attend the wedding of Mater’s sister. Along the way, they are met with countless instances that sees them in new environments and interact with a bunch of cars that embraces all the aspects of an American road-trip. I Am Groot Review: Baby Groot’s Mischievous Antics Leave Us Wanting for More! (Fresh Headline Exclusive).

Developed by Steve Purcell who was a storyboard artist on the original Cars, the series consists of nine episodes with each episode ranging between eight to ten minutes. The Cars franchise has gone through many different concepts. The first movie focused on McQueen’s ability as a racer while the second featured a down-trodden idea that saw them shift gears to a spy-flick… and we all know how that worked out. However, the third film did get itself through and brought the franchise back to its basics, but we still never saw one of the most common tropes being utilised that would perfectly fit this series – and that is a road-trip.

A Still From Cars on the Road (Photo Credit: Disney+)

Cars on the Road is through and through a road-trip buddy adventure between McQueen and Mater. Each episode features them getting into different hijinks and the relationship is further built upon from there. A common theme of friendship lies throughout that is endearing in many ways and the voice-acting of the performers makes the chemistry of these characters top notch.

Not much can be said about Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy’s performances over here that hasn’t already been said throughout the years. They have practically perfected playing Lightning McQueen and Mater. It’s the classic charm of some of Pixar’s most notable characters, and these two always bring their A-game when voicing them.

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Cars on the Road is very episodic in nature. It can be too episodic to the point where there never really is a feeling of a single narrative, but it balances that out with the ideas it presents. Watching Mater and McQueen go to a “Cartaceous” park and learn about Dinocars was pretty cool. In the same way, there are a couple of references sprinkled throughout. Two of my favourites were probably our duo going into a haunted mansion while some iconic moments from The Shinning were paid homage to, or the penultimate episode that featured a Mad Max-esque aesthetic to it.

But while the episodes were fun to watch, Cars on the Road does end up losing some mileage in its second half. Suffering from the same issue as some of the other Disney+ animated series like Baymax and I am Groot, there just isn’t enough over here. By the time each episode ends, you’ll be left wanting more. Also, the idea behind getting to the main plot starts dawning upon it and you’re just waiting when you will get to Mater’s sister’s wedding. Baymax! Series Review: ‘Big Hero 6’ Spinoff Is a Fluffy Short Series Filled With Warmth and Sweetness! (Fresh Headline Exclusive).

A Still From Cars on the Road (Photo Credit: Disney+)

The finale though is able to pack in a good ending that makes the series worth watching, but the idea pertains that preferably this is a plot that should have been tackled as a movie. It’s still considerably better though when you compare it to some of the other animated titles on the service. The animation is also world-class too which comes as no surprise considering this is Pixar we are talking about.


Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy

Great Animation


Loses Steam in Second Half

Final Thoughts

A road-trip adventure that helps flesh out these characters more while simultaneously providing us with some fun sequences, Pixar’s Cars on the Road makes a good impression and will satisfy those craving more from this franchise. Cars on the Road is streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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