Celebrity Business Manager and Music Mogul Robert Terell and Acclaimed Entertainment Attorney-Billy Flynn Launch New Label Imprint Distributed by Sony Music Group/The Orchard

Rocstar Music Group-RMG seeks to help artists grow a successful music brand in a different way!

Music Mogul and Celebrity Business Manager Robert Terell is launching a new record label Rocstar Music Group, a/k/a RMG distributed by Sony Music Group. It is co-founded by acclaimed entertainment attorney Billy Flynn, who represents various WU TANG artists and label imprints. RMG was established to develop underrepresented artists whose talent level underscores their real potential in the marketplace and staying power. Terell and his team successfully launched top-ranked Artist Development company “Wealth Nation” in 2012 with longtime friend and business partner DJ Jaime O. Wealth Nation is also distributed through the Orchard, a subsidiary division of Sony Music Group. The has developed and represented five multi-platinum recording artists and a Grammy winner during its almost ten-year tenure with Sony distribution.

Rocstar Music Group or RMG is comprised of a team of multi-platinum producers, songwriters, and experienced industry veterans poised to spearhead a legacy label of artists that reach unprecedented heights of success in the music industry. RMG’s goals are to change the culture of how labels and artists transact business with each other and redefine new partnership ideas for creative brand translation. In a time where the is largely comprised of “independent artists” who have their own labels, are signed to themselves, and have access to label resources, RMG seeks to revolutionize the major label structure to level the playing field for artists and labels to be more lucrative in their partnership agreements and return on their music investments.

“Rocstar Music is a lifestyle label brand, our business culture is God first, family, then the business of music. We’re looking to partner with serious artists, labels, managers, producers, in a way that empowers them to reach their destiny and fulfill their purpose. We don’t just believe in being loyal; we invest in loyalty,” Rob Terell, Founder and CEO, expressed.

RMG-Rocstar Music Group is headquartered in Terell’s LA office where his parent holdings Mogulyfe Inc. operates. The label is scheduled to officially launch after his new reality tv show airs on VH2 network; Industry-Certified Journey to the deal. Sticking to his blueprint of success and business mantra, “invest in loyalty,” Terell plans to launch the label with his core team of longtime friends and business partners: DJ Jaime O, COO/CMO of Wealth Nation, Elisa Thompson, C.B.D.O., Michele Washington, President of Industry Certified Media, Harlem Rose his E.V.P. of Brand Development, and his entertainment attorney Billy Flynn.

As part of the new venture, Rocstar Music Group will be responsible for the creative direction, A&R, production, marketing, and overall vision of the artist’s brand. A uniquely designed platform to provide artists with financial education and resources that traditional record labels don’t offer such as business credit for their through World Capital Group, a global business credit and finance company. The label seeks to financially empower its artists by helping them view themselves as a brand and operate as a business entity, rather than just an artist. The traditional marketing, streaming, and promotional support will be provided to all RMG signed artists through its global infrastructure and distribution partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, The Orchard, and Universal Music publishing. 

To learn more about Rocstar Music Group or submit music for label consideration, the artists can reach out to them on their official website www.officialrocstar.com to associate with a  multifaceted & culturally diverse record label sparking the minds of a new musical evolution.

RMG gives emerging recording artists across all genres an opportunity to develop their own music and follow their creative vision. The new label imprint will support international artists in amplifying their music and building a strong pan-regional audience base through enhanced promotional, marketing, and artist development, drawn from Wealth Nation/Sony Music’s global expertise and resources.

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