Christian Carmine Pedocchi Spearheads CCP Consulting as It Leads the Digital Marketing and Sales Industry

As a result of the advancements in technology and the plethora of established authorities who have made it their mission to enable success for others, today’s industries have become more accessible for aspirants who wish to cement their names and make waves.

However, hand in hand with the saturation of coaches and guiding hands is the concerning degree of misinformation within the commercial space, in particular. In the hopes of addressing this specific issue, Christian Carmine Pedocchi is going all-out as a digital marketing and sales coach.

Rising through the ranks, Christian Pedocchi stands at the helm of CCP Consulting, an esteemed provider of coaching and training-oriented services. In spearheading this emerging powerhouse, the young go-getter capitalizes on his years of experience and a deep-seated passion for propelling individuals and companies to the forefront. With his impressive credentials, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that he managed to build an arsenal of skills by learning about marketing psychology and persuasive communication within the four walls of a classroom, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. 

“I started studying marketing and communication at the age of fifteen,” shares Christian Carmine Pedocchi. “I used to spend hours and hours in front of the computer, testing new strategies to grow my very first business while attending the North London International School. But over the years, I realized that the traditional educational system wouldn’t get me where I wanted to go.” This realization prompted the self-starter to make the necessary steps toward dominating the digital marketing scene. 

Today, Christian Carmine Pedocchi has served over 100 companies across 43 countries, as well as dipped his toes into 36 niches through CCP consulting. He has worked for B2B and B2C companies, marketers, and info-marketers helping them launch their courses and increase their sales, lending them a hand in meeting their financial objectives. In the last three years, CCP Consulting, which stands as the parent entity of High Ticket Closing Supremacy, a one-on-one coaching program, and the training-focused The Secret Alliance, has achieved numerous milestones as it delivered promised results to people and companies. 

During the pandemic, the assertion long held by this inspirational icon was proven solid. He put a heavy premium years ago on the value of designing the structure of one’s company ecosystem to function online. Amidst the government-imposed restrictions on economic activities and daily life as well as the widely implemented community quarantines, the urgency he placed on incorporating a smart working model was highlighted. 

From the get-go, Christian Carmine Pedocchi has always focused on his clients, going the extra mile to offer nothing but top-notch services to anyone who comes under his wing. “I can proudly say that I, my managers, and my businesses put the personal success of every customer at the top of the scale of values,” he expounds. In the coming years, he plans to continue emphasizing people over profit. As he carves a path toward the summit of the entrepreneurial and marketing space, he hopes to push others to take center stage.

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