Claudia Da Silva, the Miss Brazil USA is Creating Storms as She Enters her Acting Career

Claudia Da Silva, the Miss Brazil Nevada 2015, a model by passion has always been comfortable posing in front of the camera since her early days. It was when she was only 6 years old, when she first acted as a model in an advertisement. She shares the photoshoot to be incredibly memorable as the only demand made to her was to smile, which she performed intuitively and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process.

Claudia started to act as a Model, since she realized her calling for the modelling career after getting done with her first job. In her early days she even acted as a model sometimes without any remunerations, just because she felt like doing it.  She considers the year 2015 to be a considerable breakthrough in her modelling career as she participated in Miss Brazil Nevada contest hosted by Dom Pedro II Brazilian International Foundation USA and she ended up winning the crown of the contest. 

Other than her enchanting modelling career, Claudia Da Silva is also a successful entrepreneur. She is the CEO of the online e-commerce website All You Need GCRB. The online business has been a tremendous success being a family business in nature, Da Silva says, and she is on the verge of expanding the product catalogue and the services gradually with the increased demand that her business is facing.   

Claudia, a mother of two lovely children Rehanna and Benjamin has always believed that each individual on earth has their own problems and obstacles while chasing their dreams, but she feels hard work, honesty and being perseverant is the key to success in one’s life. 

Claudia Da Silva started her serious acting career from 2020, when she first appeared in the short film Sara Did it, directed by Dan Hewitt Owens. Her next project was Make Mo’ Money in the same year and under yet another direction of Owens. In 2021, three of her short films released namely, Pick Your Customers, Valentine Quarrels and Big Tony, in all of which she played the lead roles.  

Claudia, is presently working on several other projects while co-starring with big names of the industry. She adds that, she really enjoys working in projects with interesting scripts and wants to explore various roles. Claudia gives her modelling career big credit for her becoming a successful actress as she thinks in acting the rudimentary hurdle for anyone is to get habituated with the fact of being captured in camera. And since she was posing in front of camera from a very young age, it became a cakewalk for her. She says she have found acting is really a vocation which she feels at home with other than modelling and its definitely have been a great decision for her to pursue acting alongside her modelling career.

She is very active on her social media profiles and she can be easily reached at her InstaGram profile

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