Companies Such as Datatrades are Filling a Real Whole in the Trading Industry

The trading industry got a lot of attention recently, and it is quite understandable as the financial markets are available for anyone with a phone and the access to internet. Therefore, many beginners are trying to get their hands on some additional income. These people generally tend to contact companies/individuals that already have experience in the domain. 

This is where companies such as Datatrades are playing a huge role, introducing beginners to the financial markets and helping experienced ones acquire even more knowledge.

‘We are currently living in a world where everyone is able to invest, and actually quite easily. It is  to see how people are enthuastic about discovering this field. What I am actually saying is that intelligence is a reflection of one’s ability to adapt, school is not teaching you about that, but here at Datarades, we kinda do. [..], learning about investment in our society is more than simply an option, it is mandatory to achieve financial freedom’ Said Jack Mintis, trader at Datatrades with excitement.

‘But everything is not as beautiful as it seems. Following and taking advice from someone who has experience is a good thing. Following someone who claims to be a professional but who is not, is a whole other story [..] which can end up being a disastrous one.’ added Jack M.

There are a lot of things that traders simply can’t do and promising returns is one of them. The financial markets are extremely volatile and this means that your returns depend on how well you analyse the market and not on how much you invest in them.

Datatrades has been explaining and teaching that. The company was founded by a group of 5 traders, they recently expanded their team and are now 11 traders on top of their numerous advisors. The main reason why Datatrades was established is solely to kindle the knowledge and guts of the people who join them. The way their advisors take care of explaining the different ‘pillars’ of trading and the quality of their traders’ analyses make them one of the best companies to discover trading.

How do they do it?

“It is all about consistency”. Datatrades believe that consistency is the key to strategic trading and profitability. They have a set of modules from beginners to advanced courses to help you figure how to open your own positions, or how to copy theirs.

Access to a reactive community of experts:

As they say, reactivity is the key to accessible learning, Datatrades have been able to pull off just that. Once you sign up with Datatrades, you can get in touch with your personal advisor directly via their Instagram account (@datatradesofficial).

They are the first to provide such a ‘functional’ service, they answer questions pretty fast and with well detailed explanations. This is exactly what was needed in this field, as education is still very limited.

Discovering the financial markets alone is not really smart once you know that Datatrades is completely free!

Datatrades is 100% free:

Yes, you heard it right! Data Trades is completely free and joining them is possible through their application. The application can be downloaded for both android and iOS making it accessible to all. All you have to do to unlock their content is to register and invest on their partner broker.

Datatrades do not propose a get-rich quick scheme or anything like that. They are just giving you the bells and whistles to help you become an expert. Applying them depends on you.

Datatrades is available on both the Appstore and the Play Store.

Contact them via e-mail ([email protected]) or simply visit their instagram! @datatradesofficial

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