‘COVID-19 Scream Test’: Dutch Inventor Comes Up With Innovative Way to Check Coronavirus

Amsterdam, March 6: A Dutch inventor has created an innovative COVID-19 test that does not require a nasal or oral swab. Peter Van Wees has developed “shouting booth”, an air-locked cabin. People have to enter the cabin and scream or sing. An industrial air purifier collects all the particles emitted, which are then analysed for the coronavirus. The so-called COVID-19 cream test takes about three minutes. China Makes Anal Swab COVID-19 Test Mandatory for International Passengers.

“If you have coronavirus and are infectious and yelling and screaming you are spreading tens of thousands of particles which contain coronavirus,” serial entrepreneur Van Wees said, as quoted by news agency Reuters. He has set up his cabin next to a COVID-19 testing centre in Amsterdam and invites people who have just been tested to use his method. The COVID-19 scream test involves a nanometre-scale sizing device which identifies coronavirus. Delhi International Airport to Get First Genome Sequencing Lab Today To Test Samples of All COVID-19 Positive Travellers, Here’s What is Genome Sequencing.

‘COVID-19 Scream Test’:

Traditionally, a cotton swab is inserted into the mouth or nasal cavity to check for the COVID-19 infection. These procedures cause some discomfort to persons getting tested. However, the invention of Van Wees is kind of fun for participants. “It’s always very nice to scream, when nobody can hear you though. I think it’s a good way of meditation as well … it’s fun!” Soraya Assoud, who went through the COVID-10 scream test, said.

Van Wees has partnered with a private company to collect evidence for his method to test coronavirus. Spokesman Geert Westerhuis of the Netherlands’ National Institute for Health (RIVM) told Reuters that they don’t have enough information about Van Wees’ procedure, adding a faster, easier and accurate method is welcome.

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