COVID-19 Vaccination of Apes: 9 Bonobos at San Diego Zoo Have Been Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

San Diego, March 7:  Nine great apes at the San Diego Zoo have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus after some gorillas were infected with the disease.

Four orangutans and five bonobos received the Covid-19 injections in January and February, the zoo confirmed earlier this week.

The vaccinations followed a January outbreak at the zoo’s Safari Park, reports Xinhua news agency. ‘COVID-19 Scream Test’: Dutch Inventor Comes Up With Innovative Way to Check Coronavirus.

Eight western lowland gorillas were infected with the virus, probably due to exposure to a zookeeper who had tested positive for Covid-19, officials said.

The gorillas’ symptoms were mild and limited to coughing, congestion and fatigue. They have fully recovered, according to the zoo. San Diego Zoo Great Apes Become First Non-Humans to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine! Here Are Other Animals That Have Been Affected by Coronavirus in The Past.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), several animals in zoological facilities have tested positive for the novel coronavirus earlier, including large cats and great apes.

Several lions and tigers in a New York zoo, a puma in South Africa, tigers in a Tennessee zoo, snow leopards at a Kentucky zoo, and gorillas at a California zoo have tested positive for the virus after showing signs of illness.

A cougar and tiger at a Texas facility that exhibits wild animals also tested positive.

It is suspected that these animals became sick after being exposed to employees with Covid-19, despite the staff following health precautions, the US CDC said.

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