Danelle Morgan, a Successful Rapper Whose Life Took a Turn

Morgan is an actress, musician and has also been an adult star. She is also a Swisha house performer which is an independent southern rap record label in Houston, Texas. She is 26 years old, inspiring many through her story. She hails from Chicago, Illinois.

Music and tattoo attracts Morgan

 Morgan is a tattoo freak, she likes the fashionable tattoos trend which is going on right now.

Danelle has always been interested in fitness and participated in a fitness competition and got first place. She likes working out and playing sports. She chose music and producing to go from adult entertainment into rap and hip hop. She chose this career so that she could make more of a name for herself in the entertainment industry and to follow her passion and love for making music for people to vibe to.

Morgan’s work

 Morgan’s work is greatly admired on Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a platform that lets musicians and singers post and distributes their work. Music artists, DJs, podcasters, and rappers can be found there by an interested audience. Her music is also available on Spotify. Spotify emerged from the concept of creating a music platform that would enable its user’s access to all the songs in the world. She has also been on the pop culture-oriented podcast namely No Jumper, on which she elaborates her journey from being an adult star to becoming a successful and famous rapper and musician on well-known music platforms. She is currently known for her great work in the audio-visual industry.


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