Delhi govt – FH

New Delhi, Sep 19 (Fresh Headline) The Delhi government on Monday said that despite the orders from a minister, civil defence volunteers and bus marshals were not receiving their salaries.

It said that on September 3, Revenue Minister Atishi had ordered the Principal Secretary, Revenue, to release the salaries of civil defense volunteers and bus marshals within a week.

“However, even after the minister’s order, their salaries have not been disbursed till date. This issue has arisen since the introduction of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act 2023, and despite the minister’s orders, they are not being paid. The lack of salaries has created financial difficulties for civil defence volunteers and bus marshals,” it said.

“Atishi had stated that she was aware that civil defence volunteers had not received their salaries for several months, and this situation is alarming. It should be addressed immediately. During the Covid-19 pandemic, civil defence volunteers played an exceptional role, assisting millions of Delhi residents. They extended relief services to those in need, contributing significantly to the government’s efforts. Their dedication and commitment are commendable,” it said.

“The Revenue Minister had further stated that during the floods in Delhi, the role of civil defence volunteers was highly significant. They worked to deliver relief supplies to flood victims at relief camps and provided facilities for them. On the other hand, bus marshals continue to provide their regular services on buses. Therefore, it is not right to withhold their salaries even while on duty. The Principal Secretary (Revenue) should take immediate notice of this and release the salaries of all civil defense volunteers within 7 days,” the Delhi govt added.

–Fresh Headline