Delhi Govt Launches Free Bus Service to Boost COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Delhi Govt Launches Free Bus Service to Boost COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

New Delhi, July 31: To head off the surge and get better prepared to tackle the third wave of Covid-19, the government has started a free pick up and drop off bus service leading to different schools turned into vaccination centres.

The free bus service will encourage more and more people to get inoculated. The first of these free bus service facilities were made available to the Vasant Vihar constituency residents under its “Jaha Vote Waha Vaccination” initiative. FAQs on COVID-19 Vaccination: Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Vaccine and Inoculation.

According to the in-charge of Sarvodaya Co-Ed Senior Secondary School vaccination centre in Moti Bagh, Nanakpura, Abhishek Jain said, “To boost our vaccination programme and save each Delhiite from this disease, the government is implementing various initiatives throughout the city. The launch of a free bus service in Vasant Vihar neighbourhood is one of them. We received an overwhelming response from the public. Around 500 people have already been vaccinated in just a few days of the launch and the number will get better and better in the coming days.”

The national capital has witnessed the worst crisis during the second wave of the ongoing pandemic. During the second wave of the coronavirus, the number of COVID cases and fatalities increased dramatically in Delhi. The Government is trying to push ahead with its vaccination drive through various innovative strategies.

The free transport facility is extended to people living in neighbourhood areas comprising Priyanka Gandhi Camp, Shiva Camp, Sewa Camp, Coolie Camp, Shri Ram JJ Shastri Market Camp, Nepali Camp, Bhanvar Singh Camp, and more. People are transported to the vaccination centre and then dropped back home after receiving the vaccine.

“There is a kind of reluctance in people especially among the old and less-educated category to get vaccinated due to various reasons. One of them being the challenging task of travelling to centres during a pandemic,” says Abhishek Jain of AAP.

The reason why this kind of transportation offer will bring down the hesitancy to some extent. He and his fellow workers have taken various additional measures to bring assistance to the inhabitants of Vasant Vihar in Delhi. There is another facility of a free ambulance with oxygen service for Covid positive patients at all times. So far, more than 300 individuals have benefited from this ambulance service.

Moreover, Abhishek and his have reached out to outlying slum camps located around VasantVihar and actively distributed oximeters, surgical masks, sanitisers and free medicines. Abhishek and his team proactively distributed free rations and food to the oppressed to guarantee that they do not suffer any difficulties. Also, several health and hygiene programs were conducted in these camps to create better awareness among the slum dwellers.

The administration is preparing to unlock the capital in stages. From one end, the state is trying to unleash Covid restrictions and simultaneously, the government is setting up oxygen plants and more and more ICU beds in hospitals along with a control room for integrated Covid management. With the positivity rate at an all-time low, the Delhi government has been pushing the envelope since the re-opening to complete the immunisation procedure for Delhi residents.

The government is leaving no stone unturned to block the pandemic from getting more infectious. The state government has just passed a four-level graded response action plan. The colour-coded alert system will give a better understanding to people about the imposition of curbs if, by any chance, a lockdown has to be initiated to deal with the impending outbreak.

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