Delhi Power Subsidy: How To Apply for Subsidy Online via WhatsApp and Offline by Filing Form To Continue Receiving Discounted Electricity Bills

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Mumbai, September 14: On Wednesday, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that online and offline methods will be made available for the citizens of the state who want to opt for power subsidies. The AAP leader said that power consumers in Delhi who want to opt for power subsidy can give a missed call on 7011311111 in order to opt for the subsidy from today, September 14. It must be noted that earlier, the Delhi government had allowed subsidies to all consumers, however, the government has now asked consumers across the state to apply for subsidies after a few consumers chose to give up the power subsidy.

According to reports, consumers who use less than 200 units of power in Delhi do not have to pay any charges for the electricity they use. Meanwhile, consumers whose power consumption is up to 400 units receive about 50 percent subsidy which comes up to Rs 800. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Says Consumers Can Give Missed Call, Fill Form To Opt for Power Subsidy From Today; Check Details Here.

How To Apply for the Subsidy Online?

In order to continue receiving subsidies, consumers can apply online by visiting the official website of the Delhi government and the power department website. Besides, people who would like to receive a subsidy can also give a missed call on 7011311111. After the missed call, the consumer will receive a form on WhatsApp that they can use to apply for a power subsidy. Consumers must note that if they want to start receiving subsidy benefits from October 1 then they must apply on or before September 30.

How To Apply for Subsidy in Offline Mode?

If you’re unable to apply online for the power subsidy then don’t worry. Consumers can also apply in offline mode in order to start receiving the benefits of the power subsidy. For the next two cycles, Consumers will receive a consent form with their electricity bill to opt for the subsidy. If a consumer wants to opt for a subsidy then he or she must fill out the form and update their mobile number, and voter id details, and sign it. Following this, consumers can visit the electricity billing centre where they can submit their form at the subsidy counter. However, consumers must make sure that they fill out the subsidy form before their next billing cycle.

Following Arvind Kejriwal’s press conference on Wednesday, the state government has now made it mandatory for consumers to apply for subsidies in order to continue receiving the benefits. The AAP leader also said that consumers who want to opt for a power subsidy must apply before September 30.

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