Delhi’s New Liquor Rules Come Into Effect From Today, Home Delivery Allowed Through Mobile Apps and Web Portals

New Delhi, June 1: At least 18 out of 21 amendments under the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, came into effect from Friday. Under the new rules, the Delhi government allowed home delivery of liquor in the national capital through mobile apps and web portals.

However, according to the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, only the license holders in the Form L-13 category will be allowed to facilitate home delivery of liquor, which no retailer currently has. Under the new rules, restaurants, and pubs will be allowed to serve liquor in open spaces, such as terraces, balconies. Liquor Home Delivery: ‘Rule Change on Liquor Policy Wrongly Interpreted, Clarifies Delhi Government’, Says ‘Only L-13 Licence Holders To Deliver Alcohol Booked Through an App or a Website’.

Moreover, now restaurants and pubs will be allowed to have live performances, and customers will have a choice of getting alcohol in bottles. Now the microbreweries in Delhi will also be permitted to start takeaway service for draught beer, serve in events and sell directly to restaurants and pubs.

Delhi government had approved the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021 on May 31.

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