Dileep Kumar Kandula, An Entrepreneur, A Social Media Influencer & A Multi-Talented Personality!

In today’s time, a lot of opportunities are available to people to excel in their professional life. Gone are the days where people would learn only one skill and work for it all life. Almost every person at present is multi-talented and doesn’t want to limit themselves at all. One such individual is Entrepreneur Dileep Kumar Kandula.

Dileep Kumar Kandula has an interesting profile that speaks volume of his dedication in everything he has done so far and his success journey. He is the founder of India’s largest growing Milk Shake franchise chain Shake Stories. With his milkshake company, Dileep has won the trust of people of all ages. His companies provides highly edible and Healthy milkshakes that consumers can’t get enough of.

Surprisingly, running a milkshake company which is a hit wasn’t the only dream of Dileep Kumar Kandula. Dileep is also the founder of CineBucket. He works as PR for Tollywood films and celebrities. The Entrepreneur handles many top celebrities and manages their films promotions, social events, movie screenings and public news closely.

But Dileep Kumar Kandula’s work doesn’t stop here. He has also made sure to create a better world by helping others. Dileep is the founder and director of DooraDrushti foundation, a government registered NGO which helps underprivileged people for their medical and educational needs. His NGO has helped many peoplea during the pandemic. Dileep hopes that more and more people like him come forward help the ones who genuinely need support.

Dileep Kumar Kandula has a strong positive image on social media. His work and success has made him an inspiration to many dreamers. In 2019, the Entrepreneur was awarded the Social Media Influencer award at an international social media festival.

About achieving so much in life, Dileep says, “It feels good. I never wanted to do one particular thing. But I also take the multiple work I do super seriously. I am glad that my ventures are successful and growing every year. I am happy. But it I feel like starting something new again this year or next year, I won’t hesitate. I believe one should keep working if they feel it brings their best version out.”

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