DJL Jonathan Lim on 2021 Entrepreneurial Trends

Noted internet mogul DJL Jonathan Lim gives his savvy advice on the following trends to watch for 2021.

You are wondering where to place your next investment? If so, you might be interested in knowing what businesses you should be watching out for in the coming year.

DJL Jonathan Lim is a trainer, speaker, host, and internet entrepreneur who has overseen some of the best brands known in the Asian markets. He is a social media inspiration, having amassed more than 700 thousand followers on Facebook, one of the most complex markets to crack in the world’s social media platform.

This is a man famous to the business minds of the east, slowly sowing his wisdom in the receptive business minds of the west. Having built his reputation to the extent that he is now a renowned social media influencer with a successful YouTube channel, DJL Johnathan Lim is ready to reveal the top trends he spots for the business year ahead.

Entrepreneurial Trends for the Coming Year

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of entrepreneurship and see what the internet business master has to say about the year ahead.

Trend 1 – Watch out for Micro-Influencer businesses

Micro-influencers don’t have the same massive following as DJL Jonathan Lim but still have a smaller, loyal following who will take their advice. These smaller influencers don’t realize their power, but advertisers will start waking up to what they can do anytime now.

Micro, Macro, and Nano influencers can reach smaller niche audiences, just like their larger counterparts. We can expect the next year to see more and more TikTok influencers rising through the ranks. Neil Patel has good thoughts on this if you have the time.

Trend 2 – Climate Technology will become No 1

Gen Z is more in touch with the environment than any generation to have come before, and they are proving that this isn’t just a passing phase. We can also project forward into future generations and realize that it’s unlikely to change in their children, or their children’s children, either.

That means a vast drive-in climate-friendly alternative to loved products and services. There is already a sharp drop in the number of new plastic products introduced across the globe. The coming years will see a rise in bamboo-based product ranges, hemp alternatives, and entrepreneurs looking for investments in sustainable firms.

The biggest of all is our approach to climate technology. Look at Google, for example, who have recently included that “Carbon Neutral since 2007” badge. If the digital world is the one set out as the future, then that future needs to be climate friendly. We can expect to see huge growth in the climate tech sector in the coming years, so watch this space.

Trend 3 – Online Freelancer Growth

Another sector of the market that isn’t going anywhere are the gig workers. In fact, many of them are hanging up their day jobs and realizing that it is entirely possible to WFH full time. It is already estimated that the freelancer market is worth some $1.2 trillion. Between 2019 and 2020, that market share jumped 22%.

If you want to make money in 2021, getting on one of the above trends now could help you secure rich rewards in future.

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