Dog Attacks in Kerala: Pet Dog Jumps on Veterinarian During Vaccination, Bites His Face and Hand in Thirupuram

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Thirupuram, September 22: In yet another incident of dog attacks, a pet dog in Neyyatunkara attacked a veterinarian on Wednesday. The incident took place when the vet was administering the anti-rabies vaccine to the dog, reported the Times of India. The doctor was rushed to the Medical College Hospital.

As per the reports, the victim was identified as Doctor Bijesh S. Reportedly the dog bit the doctor on his face and hands. As a result, the veterinarian sustained deep wounds on his face and left hand. As per the reports, the doctor was injecting anti-rabies injections into the pet dogs on Wednesday. The dogs were restrained and a mask was fitted to their faces when the doctor was administering vaccines, while the dog who attacked the vet was held by its owner. Stray Dog Menace Can’t Be Solved by Killing Dogs, Need Scientific Solution, Says Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

However, the dog freed himself from the clutches of its owner and jumped on the veterinarian. The dog then bit his face and left hand. The owner tried to control the dog but was also attacked by the canine. The doctor, however, managed to run out of the house and save himself.

Meanwhile, in view of the increasing stray dog menace in the state, the Kerala Health Department has launched special anti-rabies vaccination for staff of various government departments who come in direct contact with animals including dogs as part of their official duty.

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