Dr Michael Andreula: The Networking King

Who is Dr. Michael Andreula? In short, he’s a chiropractor who has a passion for helping others. Yet, at the same time, he’s so much more. Dr. Mike has overcome adversity, suffered failures, and learned many of life’s lessons the hard way. However, he wouldn’t change a thing because it’s what made him who he is today.


Dr. Mike began his education at Arizona State University where he earned his Bachelor of Business Management with a Minor in Religious studies. He then enrolled in Parker University in Dallas, Texas to begin working toward earning his Doctorate of Chiropractic. While working toward his doctorate he also decided to obtain two more Bachelor’s degrees. This time he earned one in Wellness and the other in Science and Anatomy.

He graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2013 and set out to save the world.


During his first year in practice, Dr. Mike faced an uphill battle that resulted in losing $24,000. Not only did he underestimate just how hard life can be sometimes, but he had no choice but to humble himself. Since he’s a determined person, he didn’t let this stop him from picking up the pieces and trying again.

His next step was to find a mentor who was already where Dr. Mike wanted to be. So, he found someone and accepted an associate’s position to help him learn what he needed to know. Here he continued learning about the chiropractor industry, how to run a business, and most importantly, how to lead a team.

It didn’t take long for him to begin gaining traction once more. It was at this point he decided to apply for Arete, which at that time cost $65,000. Dr. Mike is a man of faith, so he and his wife prayed for this miracle.

His approach worked because he ended up getting accepted as 1 of 110 people chosen from over 60,000 total. The Arete Syndicate was created to help members not only master excellence in general, but it also teaches how to scale a business, develop better habits, and maximize a person’s impact in the world.

This was a huge step for Dr. Mike and definitely helped get him to where he is today. Which is the owner of five businesses, hopefully, with more coming soon.

Currently, he’s an owner of Valley Spine Care in Scottsdale, Arizona where he uses his extensive knowledge of the human body to help formulate care plans for those in pain. He also has much experience evaluating, treating, and rehabilitating athletes from the NHL, MLB, and PGA.

Areas of Special Interest

Outside the medical industry, Dr. Mike also has interests in business consulting, multi-family real estate, and chartering boats.

Through his consulting business, he helps other smaller clinics implement plans to grow their businesses. His goal is to turn “small dogs” into bigger players within the industry.

Valley Spine Care

 Dr. Mike and the other professionals at Valley Spine Care have a mission to offer various treatments that address common issues such as nutritional deficiencies, muscular discrepancies, stress, lifestyle choices, and spinal misalignment. The doctors at VSC care about their patients and make sure to listen and fully understand their needs before coming up with a care plan. In fact, most clients agree that when they visit VSC they are treated like family rather than patients.

Dr. Mike is proof that anything is possible if you follow your dreams and never give up. If you find yourself in Scottsdale, Arizona in need of chiropractic services, look no further than Dr. Mike and his associates.

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