Dyson has a rival: this ultra-powerful Dreame vacuum cleaner is at a bargain price and does not reach 200 euros

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Even though Black Friday itself is on the 24th, there are quite a few offers that are already available in practically all stores and that are not going to drop any further in price: they are what there are and it is convenient to take advantage of them now. This is, for example, what happens on Amazon, which already has thousands of top offers available in advance.

Among so many discounts, there is everything, including home electronics such as cordless vacuum cleaners, a sector in which Dyson reigns but is increasingly contested, especially by Chinese brands that arrive in Spain bringing down prices. Dreame is one of them and we have the proof right now: they leave their Dreame R10 Pro in solo 199 euros.

It is a temporary offer for Black Friday, one of several that this Asian brand has underway and with which it wants to attract new users, and it is that The features of models like this R10 Pro are excellent for the price it has right now.

This very powerful vacuum cleaner has up to 65 minutes of battery life. It comes with all the accessories and is ideal if you have pets.

To put the figure in context, the cheapest Dyson is the V8 and it costs 318 eurosand it is not sold by Amazon, so the price difference is abysmal and leans in favor of the Dreame option.

Furthermore, as it is an order managed directly by Amazon, you will have free shipping to any part of Spain, whether or not you have a Prime account, although if you have it it is even better because the shipping is much faster.

65 minutes of battery and LED lights

There are several features of the dreame R10 Plus that make it stand out from other similarly priced models, such as the battery life, which in eco mode can reach 65 minutes, slightly less if you use maximum power mode.

It also has two brushes, designed to maximize cleaning on all types of floors, both wooden and tile and also carpets and rugs.

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It comes with absolutely all the accessories you need to reach every corner, including a special brush to descale and vacuum pet hair left on textiles, sofas and mattresses.

In the front area of ​​the brush it incorporates something very common already in the sector, such as LED lights that help detect as much dirt as possible while you vacuum, including tiny specks of dust that otherwise you would not even see.

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