Elon Musk Says Joe Biden Treats Americans ‘Like Fools’

Elon Musk Says Joe Biden Treats Americans 'Like Fools'

Washington, January 28: American billionaire Elon Musk slammed President Joe Biden after the latter left out the name of Tesla in a post that talked about the future of electric vehicles in America.

Tesla CEO, Musk, apparently was miffed after the President excluded the name of the electric vehicle manufacturer in a Twitter post where he said, “Companies like GM and are building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before.”

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Replying to Biden’s Twitter post on the future electric vehicles in America, Musk wrote the name of “Tesla” in all caps. In another tweet, he said, “Biden is a damp Socks puppet in human form.” Musk also said that “Biden is treating the American public like fools”.

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He made these remarks after the President met with executives from rival car companies General Motors and Motor earlier this week.

The swipe comes after Biden invited CEOso of General Motors and to the White House along with other business leaders to discuss his administration’s Build Back Better legislation.

Interestingly, Biden invited executives from these companies last year when signed an executive order with the goal of making all vehicles sold in the electric by 2030.

However, Musk, who is critical of the Biden administration, was omitted from the list.

Back in September, Tesla CEO had said that Biden administration of being “a little biased” and “seems to be” controlled by unions, Fox News reported.

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