Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Wakeboards as He Makes ‘Saturday Turns’ (Watch Video)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Wakeboards as He Makes 'Saturday Turns' (Watch Video)

Washington, July 17: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg braved the massive waves as he undertook a wakeboarding excursion and shared the water stunt on social media. “Some Saturday turns,” captioned Zuckerberg on Instagram, as reported by Page Six.

The Facebook CEO was seen in an action mode as he glided back and forth on the waters, as the gigantic waves lashed at him, seemingly trying to bring him down. Zuckerberg stood on top of a board as he clutched onto a rope, fastened to the craft as he slides on the blue waters. Meta Freezes Hiring for Several Verticals, Mark Zuckerberg Says, ‘No Job Cuts’.

As the video progressed, Zuckerberg gained momentum and flung the rope, balancing his entire stance on the skateboard, as he moves forward on his own, guided by the water current. However, the video ends abruptly showing the Internet mogul gliding triumphantly, as if he has mastered the waves, his speed barely waning.

The undisclosed location of the place, Zuckerberg was seen wakeboarding is suspected to be that of Lake Tahoe in the US, reported Page Six. The Facebook CEO bought a sprawling estate near Lake Tahoe on 2018.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg is currently going through a tough phase as his Facebook virtual reality project ‘Meta’ has witnessed a 52 per cent plunge in stocks, since the beginning of the year. In addition, Meta’s money-transfer service that uses the company’s own cryptocurrency digital wallet ‘Novi pilot’ is shutting down on September 1 as well.

The company took to their website to announce that both the Novi app and Novi on WhatsApp will no longer be available. Novi was supposed to be a safe way for people to send and receive crypto, and at one point it was supposed to work with Diem, a blockchain-based stablecoin payment system. However, the collaboration couldn’t happen because Diem collapsed in February this year.

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