Facts About Mohammed Buhariwala, A Marketing Expert From the UK

Facts About Mohammed Buhariwala, A Marketing Expert From the UK

In today’s world, brands and individuals underestimate the power of brand building. Mohammed Buhariwala, a 16-year-old branding and growth expert from the UK, has helped hundreds of companies and influencers to accelerate their awareness and brand. He has made a name for himself at a very young age by taking his clients to the next level with growth and branding.

Mohammed believes that a company or a business is more dedicated to towards its offering to the customers. He understands that whether it’s an Influencer or a Company, having a solid presence on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can make a difference. It can also differentiate the brand among its competitors and make the brand professional and promising.

Mohammed Buhariwala is an expert in utilizing digital media and its evolution to build powerful personal brands and streamline business communication tools for his clients. He believes that meme marketing is one of the most engaging forms of content marketing on platforms like Instagram. The informative content in fun content in the form of the meme is shared a billion times daily on Instagram. Mohammed has mastered the power of monetizing the meme and build an Instagram Empire for himself. 

Below are few facts about Mohammed Buhariwala, a marketing expert from the UK.

16-year-old business owner

Mohammed Buhariwala is not just the content creator or marketer. He is also a business owner of a full-fledged marketing agency. Mohammed founded Scale It Up LLC, the marketing and advertising agency that provides social media growth and marketing services to brands and influencers. He was as young as 14 years old when he started his entrepreneurship journey. His Agency guarantees growth with the help of its cutting-edge strategies and meme marketing. They also provide highly personalized and customize services to their clients. 

Passionate for Music 

Although Mohammed is not a musician, still he is highly passionate about it. He has a vast network of musicians and creators. Hence his Agency has many clients like music composers, beat producers, and music influencers. He enables them to focus on their art and create music, whereas Mohammed and his Agency help them grow their presence on social media platforms and build personal brands. His services help musicians to reach out to millions of audiences on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok and make a lot of revenue off their music. 

Team Player 

Mohammed has a distinct vision. He believes in long term growth and perspective. Hence he has formed a team with a vital skill set to provide excellent services to their clients. Currently has 11 employees in Scale It Up LLC, working from all over the world. Few of his employees are also working from the USA. Mohammed believes in growing together, making a lot of money and helping his employees to succeed. 

Personal Brand 

Mohammed became aware of the importance of the personal brand at a very young age, and she started creating content and building an Instagram Empire for inches. He loves creating content and has also begun his YouTube journey to develop his brand.

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