Finolex and Mukul Madhav Foundation Discuss the Horrors of Child Labour in the Short Film ‘Baitullah’

Finolex and Mukul Madhav Foundation Discuss the Horrors of Child Labour in the Short Film ‘Baitullah’

75 glorious years of our independence have passed. 75 years of progress, prosperity and achievements – but all this for who? When lakhs of children still go to bed on an empty stomach and are pushed to work in the morning, what do the nation’s accolades matter? When a child labourer has to sit in the dark making shiny crackers, work in pits of fire to make glossy bangles and suffer through endless abuse and exploitation to earn a few hundred rupees, what does anything matter? Our forefathers and brave freedom fighters stood up to the European overlords to ensure a better life for all Indians and the generations to come, yet the clutches of poverty hold down millions of families.

These are difficult questions and even harsher truths – but we must face them so all our countrymen can bask in the glory of this great nation. Ritu Chhabria – the managing trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation hopes for Baitullah to be a wake-up call to everyone. She says, “Through this film, we ask the question, “How can we ensure that each child gets his basic rights and comforts without sacrificing his childhood as a child labourer?”. We had struggled with this question at the beginning of our journey because even if 98 out of 100 kids are able to have a good life, there are still two innocent children who are needlessly suffering. No child should ever be left behind and we can only ensure this if everyone is vigilant and active. It is this thought that inspired us to start working with the marginalised and vulnerable children and with Baitullah, we ask our audience this question in hopes that we all will rise up against child labour.”. MP Shocker: Female Dance Teacher, Her Brother Beaten Up With Sticks by Neighbours Over Parking Issue in Indore (Watch Video).

“Baitullah”, the short film is a collaboration between Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Industries. The two have been working for the welfare of women and children for years and have come out with this film to encourage individual and community action. Director Jitendra Rai kept the plot and acting realistic and unfiltered to finally bring us face-to-face with our society’s truths, which we desperately try to ignore. We turn a blind eye to the plight of the underprivileged, it’s too painful for us to even see, but what about those who live through it? What good are we to our country if we can’t even help her sons and daughters?

Kanojiya plays his part brilliantly as Baitullah and conveys the frustration and desperation of child labourers in his Impactful performance. We also see great performances by Ishtiyak Khan and Vipin Sharma. The cinematography and score lend a sombre aura to the film so the message can shine through without any distractions. Shocking! Bihar Panchayat Settles Rape of Minor Girl by Asking Accused to Do 5 Sit-Ups (Watch Video).

Baitullah delivers its message loud and clear – and it is now our turn to act. To stand with each child and continue working till every child can have a roof on his head, clothes on his back and food on his plate without trading away his childhood.

_Baitullah is available on Finolex Pipes’ YouTube Channel. Watch: