Food for Every Mood: From Dosa to Pav Bhaji; 4 Desi Flavours That Will Go With Every Human Emotion!

Food for Every Mood: From Dosa to Pav Bhaji; 4 Desi Flavours That Will Go With Every Human Emotion!

What goes into our tummy impacts us in many ways. People make their own food choices as per their lifestyle and availability. After music, one thing which helps to communicate is food! What is crystal clear is that there is a solid emotional and social connection to food. The saying we are what we eat is weirdly true, as our body and mind’s well-being directly depends upon the nourishment we give them. From a young age, we have made an intangible list of all the foodstuff we prefer as per our mood. Whether sad, happy, celebrating, lonely, angry etc.: There will always be one perfect dish that will either help you pull off the overwhelming emotion or enrich your spirit. Do you turn to food in an attempt to cover up the bad days simply because you think that’s the easiest and most expeditious way? Well, continue to find the most relatable stuff that will justify why food is thy answer for every mood swing! Food Ethos: What to Eat & Avoid As You Are What You Eat.

1. Dosa-licious 

Dosa (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

A plate of lip-smacking masala dosa is like an unfiltered emotion (Read: Raw-a-Dosa). A plate of Masala Dosa with the sour sambhar and comes with a silent tagline that says – “something for everyone”.

2. Gol Gappa- Circle That You Would Wish For 

Gol Gappa (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Gol Gappa, Gup Chup, or Pani Puri! What do you call this feeling? It is a perfect food to binge eat on any occasion. After a crazy fight with your partner or post your monotonous maths coaching class. will be your saviour!

3. Pav Bhaji – Food Synonymous To Mood Booster 

Pav Bhaji (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Away from home, confused about what to eat? Gnawing with but too tired to cook dinner? Want to burn off blues? Choose Pav Bhaji over anything else!

4. Rajma Chawal – Irreplaceable Buddy

Rajma Chawal (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

Cook Raj Chawal for when you fall deeply sick over the weekend and have plans with your buddies. The plate of won’t fail to give you the contentment you would ever ask for!

So, What’s your ideal emotional relationship with food? The fact is not to live to eat but rather eat to live a healthy and merry life! It would not be wrong to say that all the people with their ways of living are like flavours that have been blended into a mixture with their unique distinct flavour.

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