For Elon Musk, Twitter must become paid for everyone

Twitter could become paid for everyone, not just Blue subscribers. This is the new shocking declaration from Elon Musk, who wants to fight “bot armies” with money. But are users of the social network really ready to put their hands in their pocket?

There ” only way » to fight the “ vast armies of bots » which would make rain or shine on X/Twitter is to make all users of the social network pay, said Elon Musk during a discussion with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. This system of monthly fees could pull the rug out from under the creators of these robot accounts, since they would have to give different bank identifiers for each of their accounts.

A hard pill to swallow

We understand that this mandatory subscription would be less expensive (“a few dollars”) than the $8 per month of the Blue/X Blue/Premium plan or whatever it is currently called. Will there be any benefits attached to this new offer? The current, and optional, paid subscription allows for example to edit a tweet, to experience fewer advertisements, or of course to have the famous blue checkmark. The Twitter boss gave very few details, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you had to pay to simply post a tweet, or even simply to access the site.

Elon Musk does not specify when this project would come to fruition, but this is not the first time that he has mentioned this idea. This complete change in the economic model for the social network would probably significantly reduce the societal impact of Twitter and its number of users. But the bet is far from won: between last November and April, Twitter would have converted around 640,000 users into Blue subscribers, according to researcher Travis Brown.

A result which is clearly very far from Elon Musk’s objectives, and a drop in the ocean: according to the billionaire’s figures (to be taken with a pinch of salt), Twitter would have 550 million monthly active users who share 100 to 200 million posts every day.

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