Fresh NSUI manifesto promises 12-day menstrual leave for girl students – FH

New Delhi, Sep 19 (Fresh Headline) After releasing the manifesto for Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections on Saturday, the (NSUI) National Students’ Union of (NSUI) released a special manifesto for girl students on Monday.

In the manifesto, NSUI has promised that girl students will be given 12-day menstrual leave every semester.

Beside this, the NSUI also highlighted issues like zero tolerance towards sexual violence, increasing police patrolling outside college campus, installing CCTV cameras on the campus, providing a friendly environment to LGBTQIA+ students, said Amrita Dhawan, former DUSU President.

Dhawan, former President Neetu Verma, NSUI Secretary candidate Yakshna Sharma on Monday held a press conference and released the manifesto for girl students.

Dhawan stated that the NSUI always works to advance the cause of girl students by following the ideology of the Congress.

–Fresh Headline