Fresh Spinach Day 2022: From Hara Bhara Kabab to Palak Chicken, 5 Indian Dishes To Try On This Day | ? Fresh Headline

Fresh Spinach Day 2022: From Hara Bhara Kabab to Palak Chicken, 5 Indian Dishes To Try On This Day | ? LatestLY

Fresh Spinach Day is observed every year on July 16. This day focuses on emphasizing the health benefits of green leafy vegetables. As Popeye said about spinach, dark green, leafy vegetables are the healthiest food on the planet. Today is the day, we celebrate Popeye’s favourite food. This powerful burst of nutrition can be used to make so many delicious recipes. As you celebrate Fresh Spinach Day 2022, we at Fresh Headline, have curated 5 Indian recipes that you can make with spinach. From Boosting Immunity to Improving Eyesight, Here Are Five Health Facts About This Green Leafy Vegetable

1. Hara Bhara Kabab

Hara Bhara Kabab is one of the best starters for all vegetarians. “Hara Bhara” literally means “green” and stuffed therefore, Hara Bhara Kabab is made with spinach and stuffed with nuts, made into patties and shallow fried.

2. Palak Patta Chaat

Though made by batter fried spinach leaf, it is one of the most nutritious street foods you can enjoy. It is loaded with sweet curd, tamarind and mint chutney and then topped with fruits, chaat masala or any of your favourite toppings.

3. Palak Pulao

Bored of regular pulao? Try this all-new recipe for a healthier version of pulao using spinach. This green leafy vegetable can add an impeccable taste to any recipe making it even more nutritious.

4. Palak Chilla

It’s time to ditch the besan chilla and the moong dal chilla and try something different as you celebrate Fresh Spinach Day 2022. Get some fresh spinach and try this easy recipe to have a healthy yet delicious breakfast.

5. Palak Chicken

This recipe is going to be loved by all the non-vegetarians in the house. Reap the best benefits of iron and protein with this delicious palak chicken as you test your cooking skills on Fresh Spinach Day 2022.

Fresh Spinach Day gives everyone an opportunity to play with chef skills and make the best of dishes with this green leafy vegetable.

Wishing everyone Happy Fresh Spinach Day 2022!

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