FRIENDS: 7 Iconic Moments Recreated in the Reunion Trailer That Take Us Back to Central Perk!

HBO Max is all set to release FRIENDS: The Reunion episode on May 27. With this, excitement is quite high, as fans of the landmark show are expecting a lot from the reunion. But before the big day, the makers dropped a few glimpses from the unscripted episode, and OH MY GAWD!! we feel nostalgic. The recently released trailer was high on fun, laughter, and emotions. But what made it extra-special is how the sextet was seen recreating some of the iconic moments from the old episodes on the reunion. Yes, it definitely felt like we are in the 90s revisiting FRIENDS once again. Friends: From Monica’s ‘I Know’ to Joey’s ‘How You Doin’?, Different Catchphrases The Sitcom Added to Our Vocabulary.

So, here we bring to you 7 awesome moments from the FRIENDS Reunion trailer that will take you back to the Central Perk. Also, keep a box of tissues ready as you are about to shed some happy tears. So, let’s get started. Friends: From Paul Rudd to Cole Sprouse, 5 Actors From the Show Not On the Guest-List But We Still Want To See Them On Reunion Special Episode on HBO Max!

The FOUNTAIN Has Been Brought Back On The Reunion!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Phoebe’s “My Eyes, My Eyes” Reaction When She Sees Chandler-Monica Getting Ready For Sex  To Get Repeated!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The Eighteen-Page Letter Moment Recreated!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Is Lisa Kudrow aka Phoebe Gonna Sing ‘Smelly Cat’!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The Warm Group Hug!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Joey and Chandler’s Comforting Reaction, Courtesy The Chairs!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Janice’s OH MY GOD Dialogue!

Friends Reunion Trailer (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Here’s The Friends Reunion Trailer:

That’s it, guys! These are some of the awesome moments we cannot wait to witness in the reunion episode. Meanwhile, Indian FRIENDS fans need to wait a bit more for the special episode as HBO Max is currently not available in India. We know it’s sad, but patience is the key. Stay tuned!

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