Friends Reunion 2021: Have A Mini Reunion With These Iconic Outfits From Friends That Will Always Trend

If you grew up in the ’90s,  odds are pretty high, you were surrounded by good tv that doled out laughter and zingy one-liners like they were running out of style. From The Nanny to Friends, these shows delivered Iconic lines – “We were on a break!” –  that can still crush our funny bones. These shows have somehow stood the test of time and have maintained their relevance through the passage of years. However, the same cannot be said about the sartorial choices of the ’90s. You’d hardly look at Fran’s (The Nanny – if these words mean nothing to you, we suggest you start watching them, posthaste!) multi-coloured neon bubble wrap skirt ( we’re pretty sure came with a battery), and think I’d like to have that in my closet. Friends, however, do not invoke the same cringe-worthy response to their outfits. Aside from cracking up folks for decades, they are also responsible for introducing clothes that you will still wear today. So in honour of Friends reunion set to hit our small screen very shortly, here’s a look at Iconic outfits that will set your heart aflutter with longing.

Mom Jeans

Say what you have to about their work ethic 0r lack thereof in the show (Always handing around the rent-controlled apartment at the coffee shop), but these girls made mom jeans look chic and yet comfortable.

Monica’s Red Slip Dress

For a while there, red was the new black. Monica stunned in her cowl neck slip dress, which she wore to be a bridesmaid in brother Ross’s second wedding.

Cropped sweaters

The girls reminded us that sweaters can practical yet hot in almost every episode.

Over-sized sweaters

Pheobe proved that she oversized anything that is not just sexy but also cool. It goes with anything (Leggings, dresses, skirts) and makes it look effortless yet chic.

T-shirt and Jeans.

These girls proved that a simple white t-shirt and denim are not only ubiquitous but a classic combo, that will remain relevant till the end of time.

An LBD or according to Rachel – something doubles as a Halloween costume

Rachel’s Halloween little strapless black dress will go down in history as one of the best Halloween costumes of all time.

Over-sized blazers

What’s the 90s without being drowned in an oversized blazer, peeps? It was a hot trend then and still is today.

So take a stroll through the memory lane (binge-watch Friends on Netflix) and let’s pay homage to these iconic outfits from Friends. This will for sure spur us into cleaning out our closets in pursuit of mom jeans that’s been sadly ignored.


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