Friends Reunion: From Justin Bieber’s Fashion Show to Lady Gaga Singing ‘Smelly Cat’, Lets Take a Look at Some of the Best Moments

The Friends: Reunion experienced the beloved American sitcom stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer reconnect on the actual set of the show. During the highly anticipated special, they recreated scenes, reminisced about the old days and played a few silly games. Friends Reunion: Khichdi Producer JD Majethia Gives A Parekh Family Twist To The Poster; Fans Approve.

According to E!News, sending chills down the spines of ‘Friends’ fans, the special had too much stuff included – the one hour and 40 minutes special made them laugh, cry and sort of grin as they observed the cast slip right back into their old characters and relationships. It was absolutely worth the year and a half wait, and now anyone can watch it any time on HBO Max. Friends Reunion Star Mathew Perry Gets Slammed For His Vaccinated T-shirt Merchandise; Fans Say ‘Could We Be Anymore Annoyed?’.

The cast arriving on set

While its legion of fans could have watched the two full hours of the six main cast members greeting each other and sharing memories as they wandered around the recreated set. Fans didn’t really need all the gimmicks or the James Corden interview and would have been totally happy to just watch old friends reconnect on their own, ribbing each other for writing their lines on the kitchen table and revisiting their iconic easy chairs.

The quiz

Schwimmer got back into Ross mode as quizmaster, featuring both actual questions from the famous quiz episode (The One with the Embryos) and new questions designed for the reunion. LeBlanc immediately knew which hands belonged to the person who actually played his hand twin, Thomas Lennon, and both Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin) and Richard (Tom Selleck) appeared after the cast had to identify their voices. Even Ross’ ill-advised barbershop quartet returned to serenade Rachel once again.

But the biggest – was that nobody- not even Perry, ever knew what Chandler’s actual job was.

The fashion show

Stealing the show was the ‘Justin Bieber dressed in Ross’ Spudnick costume’ section and it also saw Cara Delevigne rock Holiday Armadillo.

Jen and David’s big confession None of the ‘Friends’ fans would ever expect from the reunion that it will show Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer admitting that they were both in love with each other during the first season, but they did exactly the same. Unfortunately, they claim nothing ever actually happened because the timing was never right, and their first kiss was the one they shared on screen.

The best part of the whole exchange was when LeBlanc yelled “Bulls**t!” after they claimed they “never crossed that boundary,” but he said he was just kidding.

David Schwimmer hated Marcel

It turns out that Ross did not actually like his monkey very much. Schwimmer explained during the reunion, the monkey (whose real name was Katie) had to eat live grub, and it would get all over her little monkey hands right before she would climb onto Ross’ shoulder and hang onto his hair. Schwimmer did not like that.

The one with Joey’s injury

During ‘The One Where No One’s Ready,’ episode of ‘Friends’, there’s a part where Joey jumps into the chair that he and Chandler are fighting over. On the fourth take of the jump, LeBlanc dislocated his shoulder, and while his sling was written into later episodes, they had to wait to film the rest of that bottle episode until after LeBlanc’s arm was healed. The cast all sat down to re-watch the take where the injury happened, and Aniston panicked the entire time.

The bug

Schwimmer’s story of choosing to return to television for the Friends pilot was interrupted (and never continued) when Kudrow started screaming about a bug. She squealed and squealed until it was gone, then squealed over a piece of fuzz, and fans never did hear more about Schwimmer’s career decisions. “The important thing is…that we dealt with it well,” Perry quipped.

The one where everybody finds out While the whole cast pretty easily became their characters when necessary, it was Phoebe who seemed to appear most effortlessly when Kudrow took on the scene where Phoebe saw Chandler and Monica doing it against the window. She matched her original panicked performance perfectly!

Kit Harington

All of the random video cameos were great (hello, BTS!), but it was ‘Game of Thrones’ star Kit Harington whose appearance felt the most random (aside from Bieber in the fashion show). He claims he must be part of the Geller family because he’s a**l, neurotic and he wears overly tight trousers. He also just really loves watching Ross, Chandler and Rachel attempting to get that couch up the stairs.

Lady Gaga singing ‘Smelly Cat’

Lady Gaga, dressed in her best Phoebe cosplay, suddenly appeared to help Kudrow perform her classic tune about the very smelly cat. It was adorable, but Kudrow also wasn’t wrong when she whispered that the song is better with just Phoebe.

The bloopers

‘Friends’ has some truly legendary bloopers, so the reunion saw the cast laugh together as they watched a few of them back. However, they pointed out that addressed that the most legendary blooper of all time, which involved Phoebe singing along with Ross’ bagpipes was missed.

Matt LeBlanc’s Nose

LeBlanc revealed that on the night before his final audition for the series, he went drinking with a friend as a sort of method acting exercise because that’s what friends do. He ended up smashing his face into a toilet, and showed up to his audition with a bloody mess of a nose. He told the truth to the producers and got the part anyway!

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