From Toddlers to Tech Startups, FreeMii To Offer Lifetime Unlimited Data Service for Mobile Broadband Users

The current generation is highly dependent on the internet to handle day-to-day tasks. All age groups, individuals, and professionals are somehow connected to cloud services and rich sources of information on the internet. But in this scenario, many of these service seekers also feel frustrated to pay hefty bills of the internet, particularly when it exceeds far above the actual consumption.

The same situation was experienced by David Barkley a few years ago, but unlike other people, he didn’t downgrade his rate plan or cancel his subscription; instead, he figured there had to be an opportunity to have a better experience. This led him to found FreeMii, a startup where he could help people get unlimited data talk and text services at a reasonable price.

David Barkley started his career as a provider of private education in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As President of the nonprofit childcare and preschool organization, he gained a passion for providing valuable services to families in the community. When asked about the membership-based wireless startup idea, Barkley recently said that the nonprofit has always worked with federal and state agencies to fund the services to the families; FreeMii also started with the same concept. Barkley also added that many families suffer a lack of easy access to the internet at home. “This is the main reason why many students cannot complete their homework with quality content. Many school-age students were bound to take the cell phones of their parents to complete their projects and homework., It’s important to empower these curious minds connected mobile devices so they can participate in the digital future.”

When the school system was completely dependent on internet education due to the covid-19 pandemic, Barkley and his team started enrolling families and students in this plan annually. Their main goal during those tough times was to provide remote education to preschool students. When the families are already in financial crises due to extended lockdown, the availability of free internet access could help them ensure the proper education of children. The importance of this free internet access is not limited to pandemic duration; instead, families have given positive feedback about the service, and they are willing to access it post-pandemic as well. This initiative from FreeMii has opened doors for creative and active learning at all levels, and students can grow their imaginations so far.

About FreeMii

FreeMii is the world’s first membership-based internet service where all members receive an easy access to unlimited data, text, and talk with their annual membership. The experienced teams at FreeMii believe that free connectivity to the internet must be a human right, and it can automatically empower the growth of the community at all levels. The company is starting with eliminating wireless billing.

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