Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: At Least 240 Caught Red-Handed for Misbehaving With Women in Hyderabad, Jailed for 10 Days

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Hyderabad, Sep 12: As many as 240 persons were arrested and sentenced to imprisonment ranging fro two to 10 days for misbehaving with women during the Ganesh festival, which concluded in Hyderabad on September 9.

SHE teams, a division of Telangana Police for enhanced safety and security of women, caught these men red-handed while misbehaving with women by touching them inappropriately, stalking them and taking their pictures near Ganesh pandals across the city.

SHE team members who were incognito in the crowd in civil dress with secret cameras arrested the accused who were deliberately touching and harassing women. Siddique Kappan Case: Lucknow Court Issues Order To Release Kerala Journalist From Jail.

The accused were produced before the Nampally Court with sufficient evidence and the trial court slapped a fine of Rs 250 on them and sentenced them to jail for a period ranging from two to 10 days.

“It is not easy to escape from the eyes of SHE teams no matter where the place is, no matter how huge the crowd is,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (Crimes & SIT, SHE Team & Bharosa), A.R. Srinivas

“It is your ignorance if you think your unethical acts of behaving indecently with women will not be caught by the hidden cameras of Hyderabad SHE teams. SHE teams ensure that the accused are punished by producing proper evidence before the courts,” he said. Kohinoor Belonged to Lord Jagannath, Claims Odisha Body; Seeks Its Return from UK.

The official advised youth not to stain their precious life because of silly and dirty pleasures.

He said on the occasion of Ganesh festival, the Hyderabad SHE team had its footprint at all pandals under the Hyderabad Commissionerate.

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner C.V. Anand congratulated and appreciated the professionalism and commitment shown by the Hyderabad SHE team members.

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