Gaurav Rana and Kshama Sharma: Young Entrepreneurs with a desire to change the world

In this digital era, all want to grow their digital footprints in one way or another. It is now easy to maximize your brand presence in a large group of individuals living in different parts of the globe, with the increase in social media usage worldwide. 

Gaurav Rana (24) is a young talent who was born and bought up in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (India). He started his career as an Internet Marketer in 2016. Since Childhood, Gaurav is passionate about Internet Marketing. Kshama Sharma is the youngest successful 24-year-old Indian Entrepreneur and Fashion Influencer hailing from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Gaurav Rana and Kshama Sharma know the digital marketing inside out; thus, they are considered the top digital marketers of India. Both have worked with several Popular Artists, Brands, and Music labels hailing worldwide. Their dedication to their profession and proven marketing strategies has helped Gaurav and Kshama to learn every bit of the Digital Marketing World. The hardship, dedication, and knowledge have enabled them to increase as the leading Digital Marketer in a short period quickly.

They have not achieved all this overnight; it took Kshama and Gaurav a lot of sacrifices, including their teenage years in which they had the choice to play and have fun with friends or keep their head straight. Both are still keeping their personal issues away from their professional life and thus keeping them balanced.

Being loyal and dedicated to their profession, Gaurav Rana and Kshama Sharma easily reached new heights of success in a short time.

Both youth talents Gaurav Rana and Kshama Sharma, love to take up new challenges every day. They have a keen interest in learning several new innovative techniques and be updated about the market. Following smart work and persistence rules, they have leveraged their Digital Marketing agency – Promo Expertz, to a completely next level. The nation needs such young Entrepreneurs who think fortunate for the future. We wish Gaurav and Kshama the best of luck in their future endeavors

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