Gold Price Today: Yellow Metal Sees Increase of Rs 440 on Dussehra 2022, 10 Grams of 24-Carat Priced at Rs 52,100; Check Prices in Your City

India's Gold Demand Bouncing Back to Pre-COVID Levels, Rises 47% in September Quarter to 139 Tonnes: WGC

Mumbai, October 5: Gold has always been the best option when it comes to gifting on occasions like Dussehra, Diwali or for that matter investing. Not only is gold valuable but also considered a good investment for future. With the festive season of Dussehra here and soon Diwali approaching, the prices of gold will see a mixed reaction.

As of today on Dussehra, prices of the yellow metal of 24-carat gold is Rs 52,100 for 10 grams and Rs 41,680 for 8 grams. When compared to the prices of a day prior to Dussehra, the gold prices of 24-carat gold for 10 and 8 grams have seen an increase of Rs 440 and Rs 352 respectively. Gold Price Today: Yellow Metal Sees Increase of Rs 550 Ahead of Dussehra Festival, 10 Grams of 24-Carat Priced at 51,660; Check Prices in Your City.

On the other hand, the prices of 22-carat gold as of today, October 5 is Rs 47,750 for 10 grams and Rs 38,200 for 8 grams gold. Similarly to the 24-carat gold, the 22-carat gold prices of 10 and 8 grams have seen a hike of Rs 400 and Rs 320. The prices of 24-carat gold is highest in Chennai at Rs 52,750 followed by Mumbai (Rs 52,100), Delhi (Rs 52,250) and Kolkata (Rs 52,100). Since the last two to three days, 22-carat and 24-carat gold prices have seen a hike of Rs 350 to Rs 550.

As per the yellow metal’s trend, the prices of gold were lowest on September 16 when it was Rs 49,960 for 24-carat gold and Rs 45,800 for 22-carat gold. However, it must be noted that the prices of gold are tentative and does not include GST, TCS and other taxes which are levied by the local jewellers. Gold Price Today: Yellow Metal Jumps Rs 980 to Rs 51,718 per 10 Grams in Delhi Ahead of Dussehra 2022; Silver Zooms Rs 3,790 to Rs 61,997 per Kg.

Meanwhile, the prices of silvery metal has also seen a sharp rise with 10 gram silver costing Rs 620 and 100 gram at Rs 6,200. Similarly like the yellow metal, silver is costliest in Chennai at Rs 6,700 for 10 gram followed by Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata having the 10 gram silver prices at Rs 6,200.

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