Gujarat Shocker: Friend Stabs Youth to Death Over Love Interest in Vadodara, Arrested

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Vadodara, October 6: In an incident of crime, a youth was arrested for the brutal murder of MS University’s 19-year-old BCom student, whose body was found from the basement of a commercial complex on Tuesday. Police said that it was a planned crime allegedly executed by his best friend. On Wednesday, Sayajigunj police arrested the accused, Parth Kothari, who had allegedly killed his friend Daksh Patel after both were in love with a girl who was their common friend. However, he was obsessed with a feeling that Daksh was closer to her.

TOI quoted police as saying that Parth, son of a grocery shop owner, tricked him into making a realistic-looking Instagram Reel on kidnapping. Bengaluru Shocker: 23-Year-Old Man Stabs Friend With Knife For Refusing to Buy Him Beer; Absconding

D G Chavda, assistant commissioner of police said that on Monday, Daksh played garba with his family in Manjalpur and then went to meet Parth. After a brief chat, Parth suggested they make a Reel on the kidnapping theme by claiming that it would get them lot of likes on Instagram. Daksh didn’t suspect any foul play as they had been friends for a year-and-a-half. Bengaluru Shocker: 24-Year-Old Youth Stabbed to Death by Childhood Friend Over Rs 50 in Basaveshwaranagar; Accused Absconding

Parth told Daksh he wanted the Reel to be realistic and took Daksh to a dark spot in the basement of Alankar Complex and convinced him to allow his hands and legs to be tied. But he started stabbing Daksh brutally.

When Daksh didn’t return home till late night on Monday, his family began looking for him and later approached Manjalpur police. They even called Parth, but he denied meeting Daksh. However, CCTV footage revealed that they were together on Monday.

According to police, Parth Kothari, a college student, had made an elaborate plan to evade the police in case he becomes a suspect in the murder of Daksh Patel. He searched ways to avoid getting tracked by the police on YouTube.

He wanted to make a foolproof plan to avoid getting arrested in Patel’s murder. After stabbing Daksh brutally Parth took away his phone with him.

He knew that the cops may try to trace Daksh with the help of cell phone location. So, he took away Patel’s phone and drove around in the city to mislead the cops,” a police official said.

Parth first disposed of the knife in Vishwamitri River near Mujmahuda and then removed sim card from Patel’s phone before dumping it at some other spot.

The accused thought of sending the police on a wild goose chase by taking Patel’s phone around. After committing the murder, he went home and slept off. The next day, he behaved as if nothing had happened.

When the police confronted Parth on basis of CCTV footage that showed him with Patel on the night of murder, he began dishing out different reasons for committing the crime. He even told the police that he killed Patel as the latter was passing indecent comments about his sister.

However, police got his Whatsapp chats which showed that he committed the crime as he and Daksh liked the same girl.

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