Haryana Pension Updates: State Govt Increases Old-Age Pension and Assistance For Widows, Handicapped to Rs 2,500 Under Social Security Schemes

Chandigarh, Jun 15: The Haryana government on Tuesday gave nod to increase pension financial assistance under social security schemes with effect from April 1.

The Cabinet, which met here under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, also extended one-time settlement scheme till September 30 for the recovery of long-time outstanding “external development charges” from colonisers, an official statement said.

Till date, around Rs 551 crore has been recovered from colonisers under this policy, it said. Madhya Pradesh Govt to Give Rs 5,000 Per Month Pension to Children Who Have Lost Their Parents, Guardians During COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Cabinet increased old-age pension and the assistance for widows, handicapped, girl child and eunuchs from Rs 2,250 to Rs 2,500 per month.

Furthermore, the financial assistance given to destitute children has been increased from Rs 1,350 to Rs 1,600 per month and the assistance to disabled children not going schools has been hiked from Rs 1,650 to Rs 1,950 per month.

In another decision, the Haryana government decided to put in place the system of registration of new fully built-up transport vehicles through the dealers in the state.

The decision would facilitate the vehicle owners to get their new fully built-up transport vehicles registered through the dealer concerned. The process will be cashless.

Footfall in the offices of Registering Authorities will come down considerably, the statement said.

After a suitable amendment in the Haryana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1993, a firm, dealer or manufacturer of motor vehicles would be empowered by the state government to perform such functions with such conditions as it considers appropriate with regard to registration of vehicles on their first sale.

The registration of fully built-up new transport vehicles will now be possible online by the dealers as is being done at present in the case of new non-transport vehicles.

More than 48.80 lakh new personal vehicles have been registered through dealer point registration in the last seven years.

Encouraged by its success, the system is now being extended to fully built-up transport vehicles with a view to improve ease of doing business, it said.

The applicant will apply online along with the required taxes and fees. The registration certificate will be sent to the applicant by the Registering Authority concerned through the post. No direct interface of the buyer shall be needed with the registration authorities.

In another decision, the number of members of the Haryana Public Service Commission has been reduced from existing eight to five.

The Cabinet approved an amendment of the Haryana Public Service Commission (Conditions of Service) Regulations, 2018 in this regard.

The Cabinet granted relief to the real estate industry as well as change of land use permission (CLU) holders/entrepreneurs due to disruptions caused by the second wave of coronavirus for two months.

The period from April 1 to May 31 will be considered as “zero period” for the purposes, including interest on payment of renewal fee of licence on delayed period, submission of fresh bank guarantee on account of grant of licence and interest /penal interest on payment of installment of external development works (EDC), building plan approval/extension of CLU permission and licences and renewal of licences and related compliances.

This is in line with the various relief measures granted by the Union government for various sectors of economy.

The colonisers have been granted relief of interest on the pending dues and for time-bound compliances.

The colonisers/developers shall pass on the corresponding benefits to their allottees to ensure that the hardships faced by the end-users also get mitigated to that extent.

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