How 7-Figure Dropshipper Marcus Pereira’s Hard Work Paid Off Big Time

Marcus Pereira is now a successful entrepreneur who made his first million through running his dropshipping stores. It took him a few years of hard work, but it all ended up paying off big time in the end. During the pandemic lockdown, he saw his best sales yet. Now, he shares how he was able to achieve such extraordinary success.

Marcus was never one to work a normal job and be satisfied with doing so. It was only once he became an entrepreneur that he found something he was actually excited about.

At first, he built up his own eBay store. This was an e-commerce business that relied on him holding onto physical inventory. While this gave him a taste of what he wanted, it was a bit too limiting. After dropping that venture, he learned all about retail arbitrage and that gave him the idea about dropshipping. He then took this opportunity and travelled to Bali, Indonesia where he went ahead and established his dropshipping venture.

Marcus Pereira found out where his Zone of Genius was, which was dropshipping and marketing. He had already spoken to many business owners who he used to sell to in his jobs and saw there wasn’t anything special about them that led to their success. The key to their financial freedom was working hard, outsourcing, and scaling.

Back when Marcus was working for other people doing jobs he didn’t enjoy, he knew something was wrong. It turned out that it wasn’t actually the jobs he didn’t like but the fact that he didn’t like having a job in the first place. That doesn’t mean he just wanted to lay in a hammock all day on a beach sipping on a coconut. He wanted to put his head to work and start building something of his own.

The main reason why he wanted more from life was that he knew that money wasn’t everything. Sure, Marcus believes money can help solve a lot of problems, but it will not fulfill every human need. Marcus has always been that person who wanted to help his friends and family out as much as possible, to make life easier for them. By being his own boss, that was finally possible.

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