India’s Massive Growth of Global Technology

Society no longer has the advantage (or disadvantage) of operating as a separate economy. Technology has, in every sense of the word, a global economy. World travel allows corporations to function in multiple nations, using various currencies. High-Speed technology with 5G and soon 6G capabilities allow online commerce to be a leading source of revenue and employment worldwide. India has stepped up their game in technology to compete with other nations. It is right for India to reinvent itself, this most extensive and most populous nation.

We depend upon technology in every area of life. We use our electronics to assist us in our education, banking, shopping, and research. Mobile apps, laptops, and tablets give us immediate access to entertainment. We streamline movies, listen to music, play games, and socialize on social media. We can participate in esports, play Sambad Lottery at Lottoland, place bets on international lotteries, and even play virtual casino games. Technology is such a powerful tool in today’s society that no country wants to be left behind. 

India is a significant source of income. As technology has advanced in India, many corporations are targeting India. The belief is that state-of-the-art technology is opening many doors that were held back by outdated technology.  

With the availability of 5G technology, India is seeing a from some companies with older technology. We are seeing more affordable internet services and equipment to recover their market share and offer services to Indian populations with more modest incomes. 

As part of the revolution, India is on a mission to make the internet and modern technology available to those with even the most modest incomes. Companies in India offer rentals of 4G and 5G smartphones and androids for less than 1550.00 Rupees per month. Until now, the price of this type of equipment was out of reach for a vast majority of Indians who lived in and were of lower income levels. 

Jumping Hurdles

It doesn’t matter what language the customer uses, and it doesn’t matter if the client can read or write. Translations are built into the equipment, easily controlled via voice commands. Imagine the opportunities having this equipment will open for a population that had so little in the past. Imagine listening to the most incredible music ever written or touring the world from the palm of your hand.

The internet should be introduced with absolute caution and security. People in positions of authority must take responsibility seriously to protect people from the dark side of society. Internet users must understand how to determine if they are on a secure site. They must be aware that their financial information is being exchanged. If you check a companies corporate page, you can learn a lot about it. It is imperative that you only deal with reputable sites.

on an international level

Very soon, India expects to provide 5G and 6G internet services to their citizens without the help of other countries. between India and the Western world has been growing for some time. The massive growth in India and the low market penetration make India very desirable globally. The financial implications are staggering. 

The following quote explains it well. It comes to us from the INDIAN E-COMMERCE INDUSTRY REPORT

“The growth in the sector will also boost employment, increase revenues from export, increase tax collection by ex-chequers, and provide better products and services to customers in the long term. (The) rise in smartphone usage is expected to rise (by) 84% to reach 859 million by 2022.

The E-retail market is expected to continue its strong growth – it registered a CAGR of over 35% to reach Rs. 1.8 trillion (US$ 25.75 billion) in FY20. Over the next five years, the Indian e-retail industry is projected to exceed ~300-350 million shoppers, propelling the online Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) to US$ 100-120 billion by 2025.’

Benefits to the people

The citizens of India have a growing interest in quality foreign international brands. Being digitally connected is a huge benefit for Indian shoppers. With rising income levels, several categories are catching their attention. These include clothing, footwear, cosmetics, lifestyle products, and electronics. There seems to be an upward curve in household goods, art, health products, jewelry, and tickets for digital entertainment. As more companies set their sights on India, more high-end labels will become available.

Of course, the benefits go both ways. People in other nations are interested in the products, arts, music, and entertainment of India. There is no shortage of innovation and talent in this nation. It is exciting to see where the growth and evolution will take us. 


Technology is revolutionizing this fantastic country. As India assumes a global world player, everyone is watching. It is safe to say they will not have long to wait.