International Women’s Day 2021: Woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad Teaches Students With Amputated Hands

Moradabad, March 8: A woman, whose both hands were amputated after a tragic incident is inspiring women by teaching students with amputated hands in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad. Speaking to ANI on Monday, Pragati said: “My both hands were amputated by doctors after I inadvertently touched a live electric wire back in 2010. Initially, I was very disturbed. I found it difficult to carry out my daily activities.”

“But now, I can write, operate my mobile phone and computer with my amputated hands. Now, I teach students for my expenses and am preparing for bank entrance exams,” she said. “I just want to convey to all women to not give up on their dreams and continue working hard to become successful in their lives,” she added. Will You Get Free Adidas Shoes On International Women’s Day 2021? Beware of WhatsApp Scam Messages! Ways to Spot a Text.

Woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad Teaches Students With Amputated Hands

Pragati, and many women across the country, continue to inspire women on the occasion of International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide every year on March 8 to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is ‘Choose to Challenge’.

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